More on "The Lady,"
aka Lady Gayle, of Miracle of Love

Or, it could be said, "Less on The Lady," since i am basically retracting certain "information" i was providing on her. Previously i had had aka's and a former identity for her as Nancy Meeker / Nancy Exeter, daughter of Emissaries of Divine Light founder Lloyd "Uranda" Meeker and wife of successor Michael Exeter. The FactNet link above says that this Nancy did go to MOL sometime after 1992, and since she was an official Lady in the British Peerage sense, i leapt to the conclusion that she became "The Lady" in MOL. My correspondent below presents sufficient information to warrant the removal of this speculation. Should that turn out to be disinfo, i will appreciate learning, but as my site was the only place on the net that this tenuous connection was made, it seems prudent to drop it for now. 


1987 is pretty much undisputed as the start of MOL even by the anti-MOL people (as the gathering of Gourasana and the core, not as the founding of the legal entity) and lots of printed material back it up.

The Lady's voice is in many of the early recordings of Gourasana from that time (1988-1989). The recordings are publicly available and clearly dated (and also available as transcripts in book form). Her voice is not specifically identified on the recordings but is easily recognizable, and it is identified in the transcripts as Gayle (the forward of the book identifies Gayle as The Lady and Carol as Kalindi, and you can hear that the voices belong to the same people as more recent recordings of them - early references with a gradual transition from Gayle to Lady Gayle to The Lady abound, and no references to anyone named Nancy / Meeker / Exeter exist in any of that material).

The name of both this series of recordings and the book is "The Radical Path Home to God". There is also book titled "Breaking the Cycle of Birth & Death: Manuscript Excerpts, 1987-1990" which was first published in 1991. The story of the early days, with mention of The Lady, is in these books. It's also mentioned on

I think there is also a significant age difference. I can't find a birth date for Nancy Meeker but she married 3 May 1967, and even if she married young (say 20) that would put her in her late sixties. See (Exeter was called "Lady" because she was actually British nobility (by marriage) and Exeter was the name of her peerage, not her family name, "Lady Exeter" then being the formal way to refer to such a person, not an official name change). I am not sure about The Lady but she looks in her mid fifties. See So the ages don't match. I wish I could find a picture of Exeter, as I am sure it would put this mater to rest, but my Google skills fail me.

While I don't have a print reference, The Lady is always described as being a school teacher before meeting Gourasana (and for a while afterwards). And there is really no motivation to lie about this - they’re quite frank about the involvement of Carol (Kalindi) and David Swanson (Gourasana) in other groups before 1987, but The Lady is always described as having no particular spiritual practices before meeting Gourasana.

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