Maitreya Ishwara's Enlightenment Process,
as Described by Himself:

(see also Book Review and Mutability of Wisdom
+ some general observations on capitalizing on the name "Maitreya")

Maitreya was just like you, perhaps a little more extreme in temperament. After 16 years of living close to Osho he was still chasing desires with gusto. He had done all the groups and meditations for years with no obvious result.

1 January 1991 he got his wake up call. All interest in the outer world evaporated and the pull inside took over. He was a little surprised to be suddenly total in growth, especially since it was happening spontaneously without any effort or discipline. He did dynamic meditation every morning and did trainings in hypnosis and healing for six months. Witnessing started happening out of the blue.

In July 1991 he started intensive meditation with Shambu in Ibiza. He had never even seen another master in 16 years with Osho, yet the silence of Shambu pulled him like a moth to the flame. Three months of retreat prepared him for meeting Poonjaji in Lucknow. On the fourth satsang the first satori happened with the help of Poonjaji's energy and intense enquiry into the source of mind.

The satori lasted four months. The only difference between satori and enlightenment is duration. While a satori lasts you are enlightened. Unfortunately, the return of the ego was a big surprise and disturbance. From bliss to fear is a big dive. The disturbance continued for 20 months, a dark night of suffering. There was nothing he could do to get freedom back. Only the memory kept pulling him back to the fire of now, trying to burn off the darkness of ego.

Finally the veil parted again, after a period of intense meditation he met Ramesh Balsekar in Bombay in October 1993 and the second satori happened just from a verbal exchange about advaita. The satori faded after three months but no darkness returned. Just the pull inside to make freedom permanent totally consumed him. He knew that only the fire of NOW could help.

After another two years of passionate meditation with Samdarshi the ego finally left forever. On 26 October 1995 near Byron Bay there was a huge jerk in the belly and the psychic knot separated from him and disappeared. Maitreya had been fooled twice by satoris, this time he kept quiet about his experience. Even when Samdarshi said he had entered the fifth body, Maitreya made no comment. He wanted to see if it was really permanent.

Meditation continued with even more intensity for another 18 months till the sixth body explosion happened in Dharamshala on 10 June 1997. With it came the first stage of God-realisation and verbal contact with Source. Now Maitreya was convinced that enlightenment was permanent. The sixth body explosion nearly killed him and the voice of Source was telling him everything he always wanted to know about cosmic knowledge. Many mysteries were revealed. And the bliss and love were almost too much to contain.

On 23 June 1997 in Delhi there was another opening, more gentle but also more exquisite. The seventh body opened, revealing the secrets of non-Being, the void. The second stage of God-realisation came simultaneously and Maitreya merged with Source. Now his individuality was also finished. Source took over all the details of his life.

On 6 July 1997 the third stage of God-realisation happened in Hamburg. Now he was totally erased. A dead man walking and talking with no trace of separation from Source.

This seven year process has allowed him to understand and integrate all the stages gradually. The integration of the last explosions has taken only 16 months, a very short time for full integration. Now Maitreya is ready to fulfill his destiny as a messenger of Source. He is totally out of control and is just a puppet of God.

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