Money-Making Suggestions
(They say the best things in life are free but . . . )

As SGRS coasts along toward its inevitable entropic demise i'm tending to think more along the lines of ice than fire the question arises of how to prolong and sustain its useful life, should existence require some nudging. Mainly, as questions of survival can, this brings up the subject of money. Got any ideas how this site can pull in a few bucks? 

Ads are a popular standby, and it may come to that. Commissions from book sales from Amazon and Barnes & Noble are perfectly doable, though they may never amount to much.

But the gang at the Guru Ratings Forum has been busy and creative. Here are two great ideas advanced there, and my responses to them: 

[In response to someone else's request to give their teacher a higher rating:] Shh, between you and me, I see a money-making opportunity in this for you.  Plain old bureaucratic corruption.  Contact the senders and sell your buds!  One price for raising the bud-rating, another price for lowering it.  A premium on changes of more than one bud per teacher ($100 for a drop of one bud, but $500 for a drop of two buds).   But a volume discount if a person purchases a two-teacher or five-teacher package. -- Greg

Okay, now here's an idea with some real potential. I have to think about how it will impact my integrity, but it might be manageable if it's all done above-board: Have a fee schedule posted and indicate clearly that a higher or lower rating has been paid for. Hmmm.

[And in response to a request to arrange a harmonium import:] Sarlo, you should charge commissions for all deals struck through your List, whether it is for harmoniums, ....shaktipat, ......or plain good old nookey stuff. 
-- Laughing Guru

Hmmm. Tempting.
I guess i would have to depend on people's honesty to collect anything though. And would that make me a pimp? And would commissions be fixed-rate coin of the realm or percentage in kind? Hmmm. A few details to work out . . . 

And from the site mailbag:

Hi Sarlo,

I just thought you might be interested in some feedback.
Immediately prior to you changing my url, I installed a commercial tracker.

So, from the time you made the change and put it on your Recent Additions
and Changes page, I have had 11 visitors who came to my page by way of your

Country Number of Visitors

Belgium 3
Australia 1
Canada 1
India 1
UK 1

Can I buy a "change" every week? LOL

Cheers, MP

Any more great ideas?

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