Another Opinion on
Satyam Nadeen's Prison Story:
(and a rebuttal below)

i've been wanting to tell someone about this for a long time!

i read this guy's book several years ago, and in reading it noticed this:
the prison that he cites as where all the horrible things happened to him where murders, rapes and mayhem were around him 24/7 and still he managed to be serene and then became enlightened, is Terminal Island Federal Penitentiary in San Pedro, CA. well, my dad used to work there. its a minimum security prison. i've been there many times, seen the inmates tending the flowers and swapping recipes with me.

but, i didn't want to judge him just on that, so i phoned Terminal Island, asked if it had changed and had now become a place where bad things happened. the guard that i talked to hooted. he asked who had authored the book, i told him, and he hooted again. the guard told me that 'nothing like that has happened here in 50 years'

being me, i wrote and emailed nadeen. after several re-writes of my emails, and complaining to a staff member in a public venue, he wrote back and said stuff like "making our own reality" it was such bullshit. i'd have liked him a little if he could have just said "yeah, i embellished a little" but no
he made me wrong. what a jerk.

thanks for letting me vent!!


from Shannon Rama

And from another correspondent:

I just picked up one of the books written by Satyam Nadeen last night and read the intro in the book store. Out of curiosity I did a google search today and came across this story [above] on your website.

I know nothing about this guy other than what I read in the intro of his book.

I can tell you however that Nadeen specifically refers to the fact that the prison that was Hellish was some kind of holding cell at a prison in Florida that he was kept at for two years before being moved on to Terminal Island. He also mentions how blissful he was when he finally went to Terminal Island and could see the sky and earth again.

Apparently the person that wrote the [above] article did not bother to read the intro to the book. Otherwise they probably wouldn't be so incensed. I imagine that is why Nadeen's reply referred to the "making your own reality" bit. Seems to me that Nadeen wasn't interested in justifying himself to someone who so wanted to make him wrong that they missed pertinent information that was right under their noses.

Just my 2 cents worth. Feel free to ignore it. I just think your site would be more credible if you published people who got their facts straight.

prefers to remain anon

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