Sri Narayani Amma and his / her Golden Temple,
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The Dawn of the Golden Age

- Sri Sakthi Amma 

"When there is prayer in mind, there is purity in thought.

When there is purity in thought, there is kindness in the heart.

When there is kindness in the heart, there is service in action.

When there is service in action, there is harmony in the community.

When there is harmony in the community, there is unity in the nation.

When there is unity in the nation, There is peace in the world." 

The opening of the golden Mahalakshmi temple has been an outstanding success to say the least. The Avatar (which means pure God incarnation, without any karma associated with his birth) continues to touch people's heart, but now on a grand scale. Millions of dollars worth of gold, a tonne and a half to be exact (all donated by devotees) some amazing artists, 
landscapers and builders with Amma's (The Divine Mother's) guidance have created this gift for people to come and freely enjoy.

Situated in the middle of a one hundred hectare park, filled with nature, 
thousands of different trees, statues, animals and a walkway, with 
messages explaining how to connect to the divine source, and by doing good deeds, helping the underprivileged, and sharing our happiness's one will raise their own individual and the worlds karma so we can experience more joy in our lives, and of course many more wonderful and messages.

Here are a few I wrote down.

Many people think there is little time to achieve their goals. With a 
material focus, their will never be the thought of enough.

Without spirituality we can survive but are not likely to find true peace 
or joy in life.

Without spirituality, materialism will predominate. With that focau you 
can not find real peace or joy

On the material path, you are not working for peace and joy. It is a 
mission without end. That is the form and power of the material realm.

Spirituality teaches the purpose of life and brings more meaning and joy.

Wanting to help others means you are experiencing love.

Needless to say, it has been a mega hit with the Indian's and reached 
front page of every paper nation wide. It's attracting around 100 thousand 
daily and people are saying it's the most beautiful temple in all of India 
and then, maybe the world! Its ironic really that such a huge amount of 
money was spent in its construction, in effort to show the world that 
spirituality is the way to more joy and happiness in our lives. But I 
guess that's just it. Sometimes the world needs such a big reminder. At 
least, that was how it was put by Amma (the Avatar of the Goddess Narayani or Divine Mother who has created it), it's the sugar coating on the pill. The child need the sugar coating (materialism) to be attracted and to 
enjoy the pill, but the medicine is on the inside and that's what I 
definitely get every time I come to India, good dose of truth, love and 
wisdom to know how life can be fully enjoyed. Amma has said that this 
temple will help transform and create good karma, because people will take some of these messages to heart and begin to practice them, hence the dawn of the golden age.

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