New Realizer (?) Consult

It's nothing really, yet a first:

A possibly newly enlightened guy asking for my advice and assessment :-)

His letter and my reply were as follows: (I have anonymized it and asked
his permission). This all was sent to my GR Forum for further feedback and i have interpolated the comments of Jody Radzik in

"K" wrote:

>Dear Sarlo,
>Thanks for maintaining such a useful and informative site. I found it
>very genuine and honest. I am not a spiritual guru. I am not even a
>dedicated seeker but recently something strange (new to me) started
>happening to me. I have tried to summarize it in a very small document.
>Could you please be kind enough to spend 1-15 minutes of your time and
>provide me your insights and possibly some guidance.

Ha ha!

Hi K,

I am not laughing at you, just the situation i am in (you asking for
advice). I am not an expert but it sounds like you could just relax into
this situation and enjoy it. AND there may be more. But for now you can
enjoy. More specifics below . . .

>I did witnessing for a while and then it started happening naturally on
>its own without any effort from me. Then I fell seek. After 4-5 days of
>falling seek I suddenly realize that my mind is completely silent. I have
>no thoughts, my body is completely empty and weightless and my head is a
>vacuum. I don't since when and for how long I was in that state. I
>suddenly came to know of it around 10.00 AM one morning. I stayed
>(mostly) in that state for about next 3 days. But now that I had realized
>that I am in thoughtless state I would have occasional thoughts about it.
>But these thoughts didn't posses me anymore. They were just like ripples
>on the surface of the ocean. I would just see a space, vacuum inside me
>and outside me. I will meet somebody and just feel that they are just
>space, vacuum and their pours form is hardly holding it. I got somewhat
>concerned and thought that I was dying. My second thought was that
>perhaps this is what is called enlightenment.

Possibly. You can be with it some more and see if it changes.

>I was in no-thought state but hadn't felt anything like telepathy,
>distant vision, awakened charka, and light coming out of my head or a
>sphere of thousand suns appearing before me. I couldn't believe that
>enlightenment could be so simple and can happen so easily. I couldn't
>believe it could happen to me (I still don't know what it was or what it
>is). I wanted to find out what it was and what I should do. I started
>contacting people with meditation, spiritual and enlightened background
>in hope of finding some answers and guidance.

These other things -- telepathy etc -- are non-essentials. 

[JR:] I would go further and say those other things are 99.9%
myth. Not that powers don't happen, just that they hardly
*ever* happen, including in cases of realization. It's only been
the very few times they did happen that has served to create
the myth of their happening always in a given situation,
like self realization.

No-thought is just by itself priceless.

It's the bullseye.

>First person I contacted was [X] in India. He had once told me that he
>was in 4th or 5th stage. He had been meditating for a long time and
>definitely had a spiritual presence. I could mediate much more deeply in
>his presence and he for sure had opened my first charka. After hearing of
>my condition he told me that it was beyond him and he had never
>experienced anything like that. He thought that I had gone beyond him and
>perhaps could help him in his journey.

Good advice! An honest man. AND "perhaps" is a key word.

>After not getting (satisfactory) answers from [X] I did a search on
>Internet and tried contacting spiritual teachers and enlightened
>teachers. So far I haven't received any satisfactory answer or explanation.

Well, many of them are protecting their business. Don't worry about them.
If you are honest with yourself, you will get all the confirmation you
need from yourself. Or not. By that i mean if you keep watching honestly
you will see if anything more is to be done.

>I do feel very peaceful, still and quiet which is just the natural result
>of a silent mind. I still feel human emotions like anger and sometimes
>even unease. I have passed through the stage of peace and stillness then
>no-I followed by only-I. For a while a continually felt out of body and
>couldn't put my body and self together. Now, sometime I momentarily
>blackout as if my soul has left the body. But it lasts for an extremely
>short time and nobody other than me comes to know about it. I still don't
>feel that I have gained any new powers or lost any existing powers.

Powers are not useful criteria.

Powers are *no* criteria. Understanding has nothing to do with
them. I have seen no direct evidence of them in those I regard
as enlightened.

> My body behaves little strangely (new for me). Each emotion feels like
> a physical pain in some part of the body. My resistance feels like
> burning sensation near my wrist and it lasts as long as I resists. My
> unease feels like heat near the shoulder and lasts as long as I let it
> persist. When my wife gets angry (mostly when she suspects I might doing
> something related to meditation) and directs some hate and anger towards
> me then it hits like real physical device and causes heat near my
> shoulders, which sometimes lasts for 10-12 hours. Rest of my body and
> head still feels empty. I meet people and I immediately feel the space,
> emptiness, void within them. It sometimes creates difficulty in talking
> to them. Sometimes I forget that there are two (or more) people here.
> Apart from these I am mostly conducting myself well in this world and
> nobody has raised any question so far.

Very interesting. "Sometimes I forget that there are two (or more) people
here," is more a useful criterion than anything else so far. I hope you
can work out the "problems" with your wife. As i understand it (from
hearing from many people who say they have realized) your personality does
not instantly change or disappear but because you are in a state of
heightened alertness, areas of personality that can cause problems will be
processed much more efficiently than usual and will sooner rather than
later disappear (if they need to disappear).

Your wife, if she is any kind of worthy person, should be able to
understand soon enough that what has happened is a positive thing and not
bug you about it. You can help her to understand.

>I have no reason to doubt or trust [certain named big-timers] but I can't
>relate to their experiences. I haven't seen any divine lights in
>thousands sun all I see is a conscious void everywhere. I just see that.
>I can't see [more named big-timers] conscious differently than mine,
>yours, stone's and plant's. I don't see the other. Either all is God or
>there is no God. I don't see a special God. I also see no reason for it
>to go opposite to its own nature by turning water into buttermilk or by
>creating bananas out of air. Whom it will try to impress? There is no
>other that I can see.

These other big enlightenment experiences need have no relevance to your
life. "Either all is God or there is no God." Yes!

The big-timers play up the myths, because they've learned that's
what keeps the people coming. They don't have to do it directly
themselves, their devotees do it for them automatically.

I'd say K's switch has been flipped. :)

>Sometimes I feel as the sky is converging and descending into me,
>sometimes I feel am merging in sky. I don't know how much it is semi-real
>and how much of it is hallucination.

It is good that you are still questioning. It will settle out.

Best wishes (congratulations?)

Namaste, Sarlo

K replied in a subsequent letter, concerning this and other feedback:

Thanks for your help and thanks for advice and input from your friend. I am letting it completely settle down and give myself some time to learn to behave properly with new reality. 

My real self arrived all of a sudden and it had no difficulty at all. It was what really ever was and there was no learning required for it. But, once my mind woke up in this reality, it had to do lot of learning. For last two months, I thought I was going on a journey and thus I tried different charkas, meditation and so on. Now, I understand whatever was to happen; had happened already, all of a sudden. But, my body and mind required going through lot of adjustments to face the reality. 


This reality shattered many things that I had heard or assumed about it. First of them was my belief that it will never to happen to me. Yes, many past masters have talked about it being really simple and can happen to anybody. But, I never believed that, 'that anybody could be also me'. I always thought, yes it can be anybody, somebody. On top of that I had also read many stories about how it takes many births of sadhanas and all. And who knows, what I had done in my past births :)


All this garbage about this charka, that charka and things like light coming out of head made it even more complicated. I had certainly not felt anything like that yet everything that masters like Buddha had described had already happened. My suffering had ceased, my mind had stopped and my functioning had become natural and effortless. My mind went full circle trying to understand it. I could think of only two possibilities; physical death or enlightenment. But if enlightenment meant light coming out of head, thousand suns appearing before eyes then it could not be enlightenment. I asked my friends, I visited my doctor to find out if the empty mind and weightless body are after-effect of some disease. I searched Internet to read symptoms of cancer.    


My self as I knew was dead and my mind was questioning if I was really alive. Everything had become kind of pseudo-real and I didnít know if I was really alive or if I was just dreaming. Me as I knew it was really dead. For a while, I was sure that I was going to die any moment. I bought term life insurance, just in case :)


Now, I am doing much better.

Again, I thank you for all your help and support!

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