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Re More Kriya than Thou, setting the record straight:

[This entry has been deleted at the author's request]

Re: The Hog’s Wholey Wash, and Malcolm Mitchell 

We wanted to insert a picture of a flying pig right here but...... well, you'll just have to imagine it for yourself

Dearest Sarlo, 

We are writing to say, with all due respect, something to the effect of “you great big Global Village Idiot.” What the Hell have you got The Hog’s Wholey Wash on your “Guru Ratings” website for? You obviously don’t get the FIRST thing about this book!! 

We are a small, secret Deep Esoteric Appreciation Society, whose entire lives have come to revolve around this one particular book. We get together, dress up in pig costumes, and perform various hog-related rites and rituals – usually involving a great many scantily clad and extremely impressionable young virgins, I’m glad to say. This society is, however, not open to the membership of North Americans. This is primarily because they don’t, as the old saying goes, seem to understand the first thing about irony. Oh we – er, they – so don’t. The book we’re talking about is entitled: A Complete Allegorical Manual on Consciousness & Cosmos, with Vindication Sublime of That Most Maligned Terrestrial Species, or, ‘The Hog’s Wholey Wash’. Interestingly, you observe that this title is “pretentious” 


What can we say? Your website is truly the LAST website in the world that this book should be included on. Do you routinely take everything on face value unless someone shoves something up your arse to get you to do otherwise? OB Mitchell isn’t one of your 3-Star, 1-Star, negative-Star or ?????-Star Gurus. But you are presumably too busy quantifying and categorising to think other than that someone like this must be one or another kind of these - too busy to stop for one moment, one little moment when you might get some remote whiff of Reality, to SMELL - because you’ll never SEE - through the whole pseudo-spirituality scam you are reinforcing with your website. (Sorry if that sentence was a bit too long and challenging for your evidently very spiritual cliché-soaked consciousness) 

Whatever you do, don’t go sniffing around this book. 

Lots of love, 

– The Hundred Or So Monkeys 

[The original submitter / enthusiast of Mitchell's book has something to say about the above:] 

I was disturbed to see the letter credited to The Hundred or So Monkeys (?!!), with its disguised but clearly angry and prejudiced defence of the book. Although it seems to be trying to be amusing and clever about being/not being a cult or a spiritually-seeking group of some sort, it does have the hallmarks of the kind of group egocentrism which develops around things – like teachers and teachings on artistic, scientific or religious activity – where there’s a lack of an ongoing flow of (for want of better words) spiritual energy at the heart of it. It might seem, with the book being referred to on your website as having a pretentious title, that you didn’t get the kind of thing it is, but these Monkeys’ personal attack on you as some typical North American who doesn’t understand irony is pretty infantile. 

I’m really not sure whether that letter has come from some body genuinely motivated to encourage or discourage people from reading this book. Either way it goes to show that the best of things can always be used by the less healthy to push or confirm them further in ill-health. 

The kind of extremist, regressive, spiritually-smarter-than-thou posture demonstrated by these 100 or so Monkeys is, sadly but inevitably, bound to put people off drawing from a source that could be of such benefit, or to otherwise attract people for the wrong reasons.

Like I said, I’m a raving fan of this book myself. I think it’s a brilliant, profoundly serious and seriously funny book. But I do feel very differently about it to how some other ‘fans’ do (And I’ve met more than one person who thinks it’s some ‘Code’ on The Return of the Christ or something...)

All the best,

– Brennan


– could be you

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