More on Dave Oshana

From time to time people come here [in the GR Forum] and ask or talk about Dave Oshana and i have not been able to point them to the archives in a way that they might easily find the material there. The Yahoo Group archive search function has been radically improved, making this page less necessary. Still better than random searching though.

Below are some of the more relevant and juicy posts about Dave Oshana. You can follow threads downline or go "upthread" to see preceding ones, if he has not deleted his. (Yahoo Groups permits authors of posts to delete their own posts). provides a worthy crescendo to the lot, constituting the PR debacle referred to in Dave's entry in Fringe. is more recent, and speaks of a mysterious group investigating DO. 

Two posters purporting to be not Dave contributed many posts over a period of about a year, an interesting culmination of which was

If you just want to browse around in any given general vintage, you can use a link like (note plural "messages") then "previous" and "next" links.

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