More on Osho's Legacy
His self-declared enlightened heirs

Another significant aspect of Osho's legacy is the fairly large group, over 50, of his disciples who have announced their arrival in the state of ultimate fulfillment, and readiness to help others. This page, by no means exhaustive, looks at them in terms of how "faithful" are they to what Osho himself indicated in terms of methods, forms, flavour, etc. Are they "selling out" to traditional brain fog, stuck in old models or new fads, or are they life-affirmative? How to balance a sense of individual living freshness with respect for their master and his innovations? Etc etc.

See also More on Osho for a modest historical summary of his org since his mahaparinirvana, and Books for a survey of his enormous output of books, in English and Hindi.

So here they are:

Michael Barnett (M) aka Swami Anand Somendra
Jeru Kabbal (O) aka Swami Anand Santosh

Paul Lowe (M) aka Swami Ananda Teertha
Allen Lowen (O) aka Swami Anand Rajen

These guys were the pioneers, the first to declare. But they made the mistake of doing it while Osho was still around to laugh at them. High marks for courage, but they have not otherwise distinguished themselves. Rajen has had the grace to a) admit he was on an ego trip and b) take "retirement," (which became a sabbatical). Because they made their moves when they did, they found it necessary to disavow Osho to a varying extent, and though Somendra, bizarrely, adopted such outwardly imitative forms as White Robe and white chair on podium for a while, he is now said to be more ordinary. 


Anamika (N)
Anugraha & Anurag (N)
aka Anupeople
Arjuna Nick Ardagh (M) aka Swami Shantamo
Bodhidharma (O) aka Swami Anand Rudra
Darpan (N) 
Devamarg (N) 
Dhyani Maria Kovar (N) 
Dolano (N)  
Jivanjili (N) aka Ma Prem Savaab
Kalika (O) 
Kiran Kanakia (N) 
Dan "Anubuddha" McKee (N)

Mahima Lucille Klinge (N) aka Ma Prem Mahima

Mikaire (X) aka Michael Crawford, Swami Anand Anamo
Satyam Nadeen (A) aka Michael Clegg
Nivalis (X) aka Sw Nataraj, Rainer Schatt

Nukunu (N) aka Jørgen Larsen 
OWK (N) aka Edgar Hofer, Swami Anand Vartman
Premananda (N) aka John David
Brian Qara (N)  
Rahasya (O)
aka Dr Fritjof Kraft 
Prem Rani (N) aka Ranimu
Samarpan (N) aka Sam Golden
Susan (N) aka Ma Deva Sarovara
Vasant Swaha (M) aka Swami Prem Vasant
Taro Gerritsen (N)
Teertha (N) aka Philip Mistlberger
Vartman (O) aka Sanford Perret, Alex
Vishrant (N)
Vistar Andresen (N)
Yod (N)

These guys are the result of the influence of other streams, most often Papaji, some having cut Osho loose. Mostly they are in the Advaita end of the spectrum. What the seeker gets from them will be a proportion of Osho and a proportion of the other streams.


Arhata (O) aka Erik Olsen
Bhaskar Perinchery (O)
Burkhardt Kiegeland(O) 
Cuckoo (N) aka Swami Anand Anup
Isa (N) aka Sw Prem Hamid 
Maitreya Ishwara (M) aka Swami Anand Bhaskar
n0by (F) aka East (Erhard Anand Sudesh Thomas), Bhagwan Beast, NOBODY, etc

Tony Parsons (A) aka Sw Bodhisattva
Gregory Penn (O)
aka Swami Chaitanya Siraj
Rumi Da (C) aka Ron Carson, Sw Anand RD, Karma Tigme Tashi, Pema Lhasung
Prem Tyohar (D)
Umi (F) aka Tom Lodge, Swami Anand Purno
Swami Nostradamus Virato (O) aka J Charles Banks 
Ian Wolstenholme (N)
aka Nutan

These guys are in a world of their own, having intersected with Osho's orbit for a while, most of them not very long, then sooner or later manifesting their already held ambitions. Those who continue to associate themselves with Osho and/or his people and methods do so usually for marketing purposes.


Alexis Zorba (O)
Amoda Maa Jeevan (O)
(Sw) Anurag Shantam (O) 
Ma Bodhi Avinasha (O)
Ma Gopala Kamya (O)
aka Rossella Montecalvo
Mahamudra (O) aka Hauke Heyken 
Margot Anand (O) aka Mitsou Naslednikov

Miten Veniero Galvagni (O) aka Swami Prem Miten, Ciampa Leksce, Amico VG
Sw Anand Nisarg (O) 
Swamiji Shri Omanand Bharti (O) 
Sw Advait Rahasya (O) 
Sw Satyaprem (N) 
Robin Wooldridge (O) aka Swami Santosh Robin

Unknowns and miscellaneous, not exactly, uh, pure Osho, some too young to tell. The general impression is one of using their association with Osho to derive some of his authority but, as with the mini-advaitas, other streams may be as or more significant. 


Swami Akhil Saraswati (O) 
Swami Chaitanya Bharti (O) 
Chidvilas (O) 
Osho Divya (O) aka Ma Anand Divya
Swami Shanti Kristian (O)
aka Kristian Dahl-Madsen 
Eliza Mada Dalian (O) aka Ma Jivan Mada
Mahadevi (O) aka Divya Kshama
Sw Deva Navyo (O)
Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya (O)

Osho Priya (O) 
Baba Purnanand (O)
aka Swami Purnanand Bharti
Rajn**sh (O) (2 e's) aka Rajn*sh Agrawal (one i), "the slow-walking man"
Samdarshi (N)

Osho Shailendra (O)
aka Swami Shailendra Saraswati 
Osho Siddharth (O)  
Swami Sudip (O) 
Swami Anand Veeresh (O) aka Veeresh D Yuson-Sanchez

Out of all of Osho's people who have declared their fulfillment of his vision, these people may be in their presentation, style and form most faithful to Osho, in their different individual ways. They basically represent themselves as carriers, making Osho's gifts available in living forms.

Also worth considering is Osho Academy in Sedona, whose now-deceased leader Kaveesha is said to have been enlightened, though she never sat in place of Osho on a podium. And last but certainly not least, good old Osho Resort in Pune. Not for the Management Team, but quiet buddhas are said to hang around, lending their grace to the Buddhafield. And in any case, Osho's presence there is still quite vast and worth exploring.

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