Ascended Masters Revisited

The author of the letter below has agreed to let me use it here, with identifying details removed.

I was a member of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's organization for __ years.  I left in __.  I believe you have pegged her correctly.  However, she claims to be an anointed messenger of the Blavatsky ascended masters.   Blavatsky has pretty much been proven to be a fraud, and so I think you have rated her too high.  I certainly wouldn't put her on the same level as Jesus Christ. [B is since downgraded, nb Jesus was not rated very high at that time, now a little higher]

FYI, Prophet's organization is supposed to be an off-shoot of the I AM Movement, which is supposedly an off-shoot of Theosophy.  There is currently a new set of supposed messengers who are anointed by the Theosophy ascended masters, Carolyn and Monroe Shearer, who have an organization called Temple of the Presence.   Carolyn claims to be receiving "dictations" now.

[Their website is at, based in Vermont]

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has, and has had all her life, epilepsy.  This enabled her to have dissociative experiences.  Her researchers did all the work and that is where the bulk of ECP's teaching comes from, along with her own paranoid, authoritarian and somewhat fascist viewpoint on life and spirituality.  When she goes into her dissociative states, her brain brings the information together and it comes out in the form of dictations.  She believed these were from ascended masters.  However, those close to her have discovered that she was very manipulative and used her claim to messengership to get her own way with people.  She had no one except the media and the government to give her a reality check.  She was the ultimate authority within her organization.

I don't know if you have heard, but Prophet now has Alzheimers and is out of commission.  Her organization is pretty much dying.  They are trying to change things, but there is division between the old guard and those who want it to change.  The division just may well split it apart.  I enjoyed reading your description / rating of her.  It is quite accurate.

In step the Shearers.  They have been trying to take membership away from Prophet's group.  They were somewhat successful for a while, but I've heard that people are leaving that organization as well.

My main point is, Blavatsky is no more credible than Elizabeth Clare Prophet, but Blavatsky knew she was a fraud; ECP didn't, although I think she might have suspected she was.  Yes, Blavatsky was more original and maybe less paranoid and didn't lead thousands of people to spend all their money to build bomb shelters, but still I don't think she was as clever a messenger as Prophet, if you can call them messengers at all.

In my opinion you should downgrade Blavatsky to .

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