The following exchange is intended as a guide to understanding some of the politics that surround the relationship between a religious organization guarding the integrity of its deceased master and the others outside the org who claim to be the master's heirs. The details concern specifically the situation with Osho's legacy but they could be said to apply to many disputes and claims over successorship.

In what follows, the "Inner Circle" is the governing body of Osho's org and Rahasya, aka Dr Fritjof Kraft, is a particular would-be heir.

See also More on Osho for a general overview 
of his movement since his physical demise.


Thank you for writing, and for expressing your wish to offer a group in the Osho Multiversity. We are happy to have the opportunity to respond. Actually, your facilitating a process in the Multiversity is now inappropriate. This is not because "the Inner Circle does not want any awakened sannyasin to do anything in any Osho place" as you had heard. The more awakening the better. Anyone who would like to contribute in the form of "chopping wood and carrying water" i.e. remaining ordinary and not setting themselves apart, is very welcome, including of course, you yourself.

Regarding the Multiversity, we have clear guidance from Osho: The Multiversity, and any groups at Osho places, are for therapy and other techniques to help clear the ground for meditation -- not for spiritual teachings. Being awakened or unawakened is irrelevant for this job -- not part of the job description. If a therapist is making a presentation about being awakened, this has nothing to do with their work as an Osho therapist. The particular therapy process is relevant, not who you are as the therapist or facilitator. Osho has also given specific instructions that no hierarchy should be created among the therapists. When, in the context of offering a group in the Multiversity, you say that "I do not want to play master or anything like that, I am awake and want to share it with my friends to support and tell you, if someone as simple as me can wake up, it comes very close to you also, there is no difference between me and you" -- this falls outside the role of Osho therapist or facilitator. This mix-up of the therapist role with something entirely different, is a very dangerous one and is one reason why it is not appropriate for you to facilitate a process in the Multiversity now.

As we see it, this is entering the domain of "the spiritual" and precisely the role of "spiritual guide, teacher, master." The "spiritual role" in Osho places is already full -- we don't have any needs or vacancy there. We already have Osho saying if someone as ordinary as him can wake up, it can happen to us too, there is no difference between him and us. Spirituality is Osho's work. He has made it clear that he needs no help in this -- in fact, that we have to stay out of it. His effort is to leave us alone with meditation, with no mediator between the meditator and existence.

In addition to the above is the situation that along with Osho, you are publicly and in professional correspondence, acknowledging Gangaji as contributing to your present state. Associating yourself with another spiritual guide in this way means that you no longer qualify to represent yourself as an "Osho therapist" or to use the title Osho professionally in any way. It creates confusion for others. You point the way to various spiritual directions, and implicitly give out the message that walking with Osho in itself is not enough, that someone is needed in addition to Osho.

This is not part of his way of working. And you would be doing all that in the name of "Osho." This would be doing Osho and anyone who is looking for Osho's unique flavor, a disservice, however well intentioned. We ask that you discontinue the title "Osho" in association with your work. Of course, as an individual, your wish to share your gratitude to Osho is perfectly fine and we honor that you would want to continue to do that.

Lastly, the whole emerging trend to declare enlightenment, and then to set up satsangs, seems to be based in tradition and around people who have come from a tradition, i.e. Poonjaji, Gangaji and others. We see this as antithetical to Osho's approach and his radical break with the past.

Over time Osho increasingly has placed the responsibility for our transformation and enlightenment onto each of us individually. Increasingly and with great compassion and clarity, he has identified our need to put this responsibility onto "the other" as "retarded." We do not want to associate Osho's name with any satsang of newly awakened ones. It would be moving in the opposite direction from the one where his finger is pointing.


Beloved Gandha, beloved friends of the Inner Circle,

Thank you for your reply to my writing. I want to respond to your mail, as I feel that there are a few misunderstandings, and perhaps I can shed a little more light into the delicate topic of Osho's disciples awakening. I am aware that you are in a difficult situation, maybe it helps a little.

Beloveds I can understand where you are coming from, as I was more or less in your shoes while being director of the OSM [Osho School of Mysticism]. I am sure and convinced that you try as sincerely as possible to keep Osho "clean". I very much honour that, and, there is a new situation to respond to, that has never been there before, but that has been predicted by our beloved master, when he was saying that hundreds of his disciples will awaken. I am sure that he never meant to keep these people "out".

You are writing that anyone is welcome to "chop wood and carry water", i.e. remaining ordinary and not setting themselves apart...

This is assuming that I want to set myself apart, which is really impossible after realising the very essence of being one with everyone and everything.

You tell me that I associate myself with another spiritual guide like Gangaji and therefore no longer qualify to represent myself as an Osho therapist...

First, I don't "associate" myself with Gangaji or Vartman or anyone else. I met these beautiful people "inspite" or even through of my love and devotion to Osho, not that I was looking for anyone else, but they literally appeared "on my doorstep", and, yes, they were a help for the final let go - into Osho, into existence...! And Osho has included them anyway through so much talking about Ramana Maharshi and "Who am I?"

Let me share one of my last processes, perhaps that makes it clearer: When Vartman (who awakened in Poona in the satori group) came to Byron I wanted to meet him, not because I looked for a new master or new guidance, I always had more than enough with Osho, but I wanted to invite him to do something in Mevlana, so I wanted to check him out first, as an "Osho flower". I got deeply touched by him and then went for 2 days into hell: Truth touched me again and I faced the Inner religious war, that I assume some of you friends are in: "I do not need anyone else than Osho, how can I dare to invite him into an Osho place, the whole thing will confuse people..." the whole jargon... Kosovo was happening at the same time and suddenly I realised that this religious war is inside of me, raging.... Kosovo inside... As the war subsided the division disappeared and the insight and realisation came that the flower is not separate from the tree... Perhaps all of HIS devotees need to face this inner Kosovo sooner or later, I don't know.

You ask me to not use the title Osho professionally in any way. Beloveds. Since I met Osho in 1980 and he allowed me to become his therapist in 1983 I stopped making a difference between my private life and my "profession". Everything that this body-mind called Rahasya lived since then, and more and more up until today, is OSHO. Everything that I was teaching as an Osho therapist, exploring on my spiritual journey, and now still teaching as a flower of Osho that has awakened, is Osho. If you ask me not to use Osho professionally, I am very sorry, I cannot lie or deny him just because I do not fit into the institution of Osho which does not have space for his flowers. For me Osho is not and institution, he is not that small. As I heard him say he is dissolved in HIS people. Yes, now more than ever. When people meet me, they still meet Osho, before Rahasya's awakening and after even more, what can I do? Except shedding tears of gratefulness. Yes, I agree that I am not an Osho therapist anymore, perhaps we have to create a new title - if a title is needed at all: An "Osho flower". But I am totally fine with no title.

I am not "pointing the way to various spiritual directions", as you write. I am a living proof that Osho's teachings are working, and many, many of his lovers are awakening these days. Beloveds, the spring has come, that he talked about. What are you so afraid of? Please look into the eyes of one of HIS awakened disciples, before you want to burn them on the stake.

I never ever gave out the message that walking with Osho in itself is not enough, this is your dividing mind talking and an assumption that I categorically reject. Please ask the friends of OSHO RISK where I was holding the last part of the Osho Therapist Training, or meet me, before you say these things.

You talk about holding satsang is "antithetical" to Osho's approach and his radical break with the past. As I remember, the Osho White Robe Brotherhood is also called "evening satsang with the master". So Osho was "antithetical" to his own teaching...

As I understand Osho there is no such thing as an "Osho thesis". This sounds more like the "thesis" or dogma of a church, that Osho never wanted. Yes, and it is true, if someone in the Christian church stands up and says hallelujah, I am Christ, the pope will ban him. There is no space for such people in the Christian church.

Beloveds, pleeeease do not let Osho become a church, it will not work anyway with so many friends awakening, it will be a self destructive device...

My holding satsang is more the urge of a rain cloud in need to share, when it is full, what can the rain cloud do. It does not matter how you call it, satsang or meeting in truth, or anything else. It just seems that Rahasya's nature in this body-mind needs to share, before and after awakening, what can he do? This is Rahasya carrying water and chopping wood, before and after...

Beloveds, I find it quite something that you claim the power over Osho's name, where I heard him explicitly say in many ways that his connection is only direct and individual to each one of his Sannyassins. In this context you also have no right to assume or say anything about my connection to Osho or my "association" to other masters, unless you ask me directly, because there is no way for you to know..

I respect and honour your devotion and work to keep this beautiful place of the Osho Commune alive in Osho's spirit and presence, and beloveds, Osho's flowers are part of it. To prevent them from sharing their light also in Osho places seems quite narrow minded to me. Osho is much wider and bigger than any of his flowers, for me he is the garden itself, existence itself, where any flower is part of. Also there is really no difference between a flower that has opened, awakened, or a flower that is still a bud, it is only a matter of time... So the "hierarchy between awakened and unawakened sannyasins" that you are trying to avoid is only in your mind.

The moment his disciples are awakened he lives even more, all over the world, please don't think so small. I have no investment in working in Osho centers or in Poona, if that is not possible anymore, although I love the friends in the Centers I worked with, and I probably would miss it. I dearly hope that each center concerned is independent and responsible enough to decide according to their own understanding and not according to a dictated rule. So whatever they decide I am happy to accept.

For me whoever is flowering is a confirmation of Osho's teaching and had brought my own flowering closer. This is what I meant, when I said personally to you, Gandha, that if a simple friend like me can wake up, it comes very close to you. Your assumption that I want to take Osho's place in this is really only your mind. Let us be honest here. Most of us have put Osho really far up on the pedestal, even when he said he is as ordinary as we are... Now, with your friends flowering, doesn't it come closer??? Just let the dogma aside for a moment and be human. Really I was also missing a human response from you, beloved Gandha, apart from the "official statement", because I still consider you as friend. And I am aware of the difficulty in your position.

Osho said everything, so we cannot make any dogma out of it. Here is a quote that has been working for me ever since I met him:

"Understanding is more than enough, nothing else is needed. Imitation is a substitute for understanding, and a very poor substitute. If understanding is there, there is no question to imitate or to follow. You will follow understanding. Keep this very clear! If you follow your understanding, you will be following me. By and by you will see, your path and my path are running parallel. By and by you will see, you are following me if you follow your understanding. If you follow me and forget your understanding, sooner or later you will see, I am gone, and you are left in darkness. The real way to follow me is not to follow me, but to follow your understanding. Then, even when I am gone, you will be following me." - Osho

I am sending a copy of this letter to a few Osho Centers that I am connected with. So let us see what happens.

Yes, thank you for taking your time to read all this. I am happy to keep the dialogue open, so that we can all find more and more clarity.

I send you much love

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