A Poke
(But at least not in the eye with a sharp stick)

(thanks to
Dan Berkow)

[Sarlo:] My interest is somewhat more detached ha ha! I operate an as-yet-non-profit Guru Ratings service and as i have rated Ramesh the highest of the still-living masters, i would have to seriously downgrade him if [an allegation that Ramesh had been "lifting quotes from Wei Wu Wei"] can be confirmed.

[Dan:] Indeed, the mighty may yet fall, and the
towers of Babble erected by gurus
can yet crumble.

Will the first today be low tomorrow?

Will the meek inherit the earth?

The Sarlo knows.

Ask not for whom the Rating falls,
it falls for thee ...

"I come not to bring peace, but the Star of Rating"
sayeth The Sarlo.

Read this and weep, oh ye mighty speakers of truth-telling.
Know the reality of transience of Ratings.

For yesterday's five-star icon may well be
today's one-star bacon.

Yes, today's trusty beacon may
be tomorrow's rusty flashlight.

Who knows what fragility lurks
within the hearts of gurus'
immortal teachings?

The Sarlo knows ...  ;-)


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