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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar seems to be a mostly mellow guy but there are a few with less 
than kind words for him. I present these in the interest of balance, who knows 
what will come of it? And further in the interest of balance i present first 
a retort which came in response to the two complaints which follow. 
As well, i have been informed in June 2010 of a number of anti-sites,
more organized sources of words from disgruntled exes. 
is one, which links to others.

Darling Sarlo - It is always interesting to me that the people who whine and are dissatisfied won't put their name out there, because they can't stand behind what they write, and they love making statements they can't back up. It's easy to say, "What has he done for me lately, or anyone else for that matter..he's a showman...he's full of greed, He doesn't acknowledge Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, what has he done for world peace to deserve a Nobel Prize, his family is taking all the money and on and on and on without having done any research or a shred of evidence.
If you are truly interested in maligning Sri Sri, great - but give me some facts like: The Art of Living ( my personal friends, who I spoke to) and Sri Sri were the first to help the Tsunami victims with financial, emotional and spiritual support. Sri Sri himself traveled from village to village soothing, meditating and offering himself for weeks on end (again with personal friends that I spoke to). When Katrina hit - my (personal ) friends from the Art of Living were the first sent to see what they could offer, again physically, financially and emotionally (all paid for by the Art of Living). If you want to find out "what Sri Sri has done for world peace" go to Sri Sri Ravi and then research the service and accomplishments, see if they're true for yourself, instead of just whining and maligning. The "so-called hype" is not overstated - Art of Living uses it's bucks for service and not to line the pockets of relatives. Do the research, don't whine.
And as far as all the moola that's coming in and the "self-promotion" - Well, darlings, it takes big bucks to help people and it takes promotion to tell people you're around to help them. Darling "Osho" was known for spending millions on his Ashrams, cars, and whatever he needed to do "the work" and from all the tapes I've watched of Osho (cause I adore him) he makes fun of everything and answers questions only when he wants to. There is not enough answers to satisfy the ignorant. Buddha and Meher Baba were the smartest of all, they didn't speak. My best 


Hi sarlo,
I'm surprised you've given sri sri ravi shankar such a high rating.i was involved in the art of living movement but moved out as it is totally commercial. sri sri simply has a weakness for celebrities and politicans-something unbecoming of a guru.he is a showman-as all can see in his latest silver jubilee celebrations,or inauguration of his meditation hall a few years ago,where millions of dollors was spent only for self promotion.and unlike osho who was honest about his flamboyance-this guy just is'nt.he needs the endorcements of the top brass of society.he claims he's adopted many villages in india-but the figures he claims are only simply his claims.and now he's hankering for the noble peace prize!even his answers in satsangs are not satisfying and many a time evasive and clicheyed.he is full of worldly ambition and greed.and in our tradition we honour our guru,this guy does'nt even acknowledge maharishi-with whom he was for so many years.
so sarlo,please lower his rating as this is misleading to the could use this letter but not my name.


Dear Sarlo,
Thank god people are waking up to this self proclaimed guru Ravi Shankar and the nonsense of Art of Living, The Sudarshan Kriya is crap as it is just controlled hyper ventillation.And because of less oxygen reaching th brain people feel they are having all kinds of experiences,Also,after a while of regular practise,the kriya stops working as the body and lungs get stronger.Then people do not have the experiences had earlier.Art of Living and Ravi Shankar are just products of media hype and publicity.
Shankar picked up the tricks of the trade from his mentor the Maharishi.And Shankar is now raking in the moolah-and lots of it.His organization is a family run business by his sister, her sharp husband and two nephews who are going th inherit a huge legacy.Shankar is himself unimpressive and because he cant answer most questions smiles sweetly and insists he is a child who never grew up.Perhaps this is why he's desperate for the Nobel Prize.I'd like to ask-what has he done for world peace apart from spreadind his own fame and popularity.
I'd like to request you not to show my e-mail id on your site.


See also Guruphiliac (link is a "search" result, for the many times Guruphiliac has weighed in on Sri Sri's Nobel ambitions and self-promotions, with news stories and opinions)

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