Thus Spake Michael

The Door

one step over
two steps up
there it is
the door

raise your hand to knock
you pause? to read?
the sign says
god is all there is
all there is, is god
you lower your hand
to ponder

where will this lead?
what will become of me?
maybe it is a trick
of some kind or another
how will i know?

you turn about
gaze in wonder
and ask
what about all this?
all this!

and you sigh
and turn around again
and raise your hand again
and knock

too timid
too hesitant
do you expect to be heard?
and you drop your hand
and laugh at yourself!

now you raise
a fist
and pound!
with confidence

too brash
too cocky
how can you be such a boor?
and you drop your fist
and laugh again
at yourself!

and you turn around
and see all this
and smile
and turn again
to the door

with one finger
the bell rope is pulled
the door opens
you step through
to see

loveya - michael

Michael's older writings can be found in NonDuality Salon and GuruRatings Forum, among other fine yahoo email watering holes, including his own group, TheWayStation, where he has recently (2012) resurfaced, after disappearing for a few years. The Oddicy continues.

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