More on Rick Ross

Okay, so he's not really a guru figure, any more than i am. But he talks a lot about gurus, rates them in his own way, ie negative, so he is as eligible for listing and/or commenting as i am.

He recently (2013) moved his site, putting up his eponymous domain for sale, forcing me to change a lot of links, etc. This looked a little trippy so i looked a bit more into him and there's a lot of odd things, even untoward. Not that it matters a lot, but i wanted to say something, so there ya go.

Only the domain was for sale, not the content, which he already transferred to his new domain, So like who is going to buy a used anti-cult domain? The selling point, apparently, is that it gets lots of hits, so people looking for scurrilous anti-cult material will arrive in droves at your site and . . . I can't see this being attractive to anyone, but what do i know? (It was bought by a casino chain fwiw.)

Anyway, some factoids on Rick Ross:
b1952, adopted 1953, HS grad 1971 (AZ), convicted of burglary 1974 got one year probation, convicted of jewelry store robbery 1975 got five years probation, started deprogramming/consulting in 1986, involved in the siege of Waco 1992-3, then a big defining moment, an alleged forcible detention (kidnapping) in aid of a failed deprogramming in 1991 blew up when it led to a big lawsuit, nearly bankrupting Ross. Since then he has stopped advocating coercive deprogramming.

Info about his feud with Steve Hassan, another big player in anti-cults.

Enough of that. It has taken a lot of time to fix the links that went to his old domain. If anyone finds one still pointing there (, please let me know. His current domain again:

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