Crime is Down!
Stephen Paul Vanier,
taken from his Google newsgroup

****SPV.......Where have you been? I told you and everyone else that the only think I do is take credit for the positive things in the world. 

I take credit for the things they you do not think is news worthy. I look at the world with my heart and take credit for everything positive. 

I take credit for the Ozone Hole getting 20% smaller. I take credit for the drop in crime rate and the drop in the rape rate and the drop in murders and all violent crime. I take credit for all that is positive because all you guys and your negative minds can see is what is negative and what is broken. You look at life and you put the drop in crime at page 14 of the newspaper on the back page in the corner. 

I have no super powers. I take credit for all the people that now all of a sudden kill people and then commit suicide at the scene of the crime. Everything you can't see that I can see that you are not interested in I take credit for. 

And I am taking it all to write a fiction about a Super Conscious Hero that I am going to sell to the Comic Book Manufactures and hopefully the stories will get a movie and a book deal like "Spawn" did a few years ago or the "Hulk" or "Spiderman." 

Why what did you think? That I was a Super Powered Hero? I must have told you all this a thousand times. Look it up in Google Search. 

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