More on Teal Swan

Written by Sarlo, as it turns out . . .

This woman is exceptional, and i couldn't just leave the lowish rating and uninspiring category i put her in without some kind of elaboration. So this is it:

The low rating is the best i could do given the basic system, which is that those deemed "not enlightened" don't get more than 1 1/2 buds, and since she is by her own admission still processing issues and becoming more whole herself, this is about as good as the GR system can offer her.

Similarly her category, Fringe: The four rated category system reflects an orientation to a basically Indian way of looking at "approaching" the Divine, which is to consider the various "ways" on a spectrum running from Devotional to "Wisdom" approaches, the two basic ways of deposing the ego, or separative pseudo-self, from the throne of who we are. The other three categories are on this spectrum, with "Fringe" being a collection of all those who are offering something different. And Teal is one of those who is offering something different, so again, little choice. And Fringe up to now has not been very impressive in terms of spiritual giants.

But i feel she has tremendous potential and what she is offering already is tremendously valuable. She clearly identifies fundamental problems that afflict many people, including would-be seekers: alienation, low self-worth, lack of groundedness, addictive patterns of behaviour and more. She knows these problems and speaks strongly about them from personal experience, validating those who suffer with them and offering them tools to extricate themselves. This is extremely important work, that might not be thought of as "spiritual" in some circles but is undeniably essential to do before what "they" think of as spiritual work can really begin. This is not about being "good enough" to enter a spiritual club or the master's sangha; it is about being centered enough to benefit from the more esoteric matters spirituality traditionally encompasses. Her work will prepare people for spirituality in a way that neither traditional religions nor most spiritual teachers have at all, and it will address some of the major problems of our manner of social organization.

So Teal is really onto something here. If and when she becomes enlightened / realized / integrated / awakened, it will add a dimension that . . . It would not imo be going too far to say she might be introducing a new paradigm into the master-disciple game, a model sorely needed in the world of today. By this i don't mean teaching first then getting enlightened but all this work on the disastrously wounded and alienated psyches of the people who come to her. Inasmuch as this work relates at all to the Love-Wisdom spectrum, we can say that it is self-love. This kind of love hasn't much precedent in the annals of spirituality, being confused with ego-boosting, Maybe it would be better to call it self-compassion, though definitely not self-pity.

At any rate, scant attention has been paid to it before, the most likely reason being that it has been males in charge of everything from war to gov't to religion to business (and these categories are not entirely separate). And men, well, gotta tough it out, stiff upper lip, grin and bear it, boot camp, you know the drill. Even in the domain of religion and spirituality, at their loftiest, they may preach about Universal Love, Compassion and The One who transcends all apparent separation, but who is always last on the list to receive love? How in fact can one begin to give love to others without having tried it out first on oneself? There's something unbalanced with this prioritization plus the usual emphasis on concepts which tends to invalidate feelings.

Now that men aren't running everything any more, there is room for some fresh ideas, a fresh approach. Teal may be just the beginning in the realms we consider here at GR. Bring it on!

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