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What does it mean, transmission from master to disciple? 
What gets transmitted, if anything?

Is there really any other kind of guru? Transmission is what the guru / devotee relationship is about. It is a human to human transmission. It is something that cannot be gotten from books, nature, or oneself. All gurus transmit what it is they "have." Some may give students lots of things to do, practices and such, some may give nothing to do, it makes no difference. the nature of the relationship is about being in the company (though that doesn't necessarily mean physical presence of) of the guru and absorbing the transmission.
Matthew Files

There is nothing to transmit. We already are the Self. The presence of pure being is a constant, ongoing reality in everyone's life. The guru isn't giving you pure being, or the ability to "see" it. All a guru can do is point at the Self when s/he can see that you are looking at it. 

The guru knows what it "looks" like, the student doesn't. It's like a camouflaged moth against tree bark. The student doesn't know what to look for.  All s/he sees is bark. The guru waits for the moth to "move." The student has to see the move for the guru to point out the moth. Then the student understands that they've been seeing the moth all along, they just didn't know what they were looking at.

A guru can provide various transformative exercises and experiences, but the student still has to notice the moth's movement. That's the real value of the guru, being around to point out what's sitting right in front of our face, closer than our own breath. Letting people believe that you are giving them something they already are may get you lots of fans, but it doesn't get them any closer to the truth.
Jody Radzik

Because you cry in your dream, I shake you and try to wake you up. You may ask someone in your dream, "Please give me some method or some technique which will awaken me!" If that someone answers you and gives you some techniques, he and his methods are also part of the same dream. In fact, he only can shake you and wake you up. What technique can be applied in a dream?
Kiran Kanakia

Transmission takes place when two people, or a group of people, see completely eye to eye - one single eye seeing. I'm not talking of sharing the same opinions or traditions, but being free from conditioned opinions and traditions at the instant of seeing. When the tight enclosure of self-delusion becomes luminously transparent, narrowness is replaced by vastness - there is no one there to be anything, nothing to get, nothing to know, nothing to pass on. What is there to transmit? To whom? We're not divided from each other! I give you a hug. Did I transmit love to you? Or is it here, flowering joyously?
Toni Packer

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