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Once upon a time (2002-09), this page consisted of a nice series of ostensibly favourable reviews found in the customer review section at Amazon on Umi's book, Enlightenment Guaranteed. These reviews, all five stars, were parodies written by a disaffected ex-disciple, whose previous straight-but-negative reviews were being removed by Amazon. They were too hilarious in their over-the-topness to not make a page out of, and it was interesting to note that they lasted considerably longer (posted at Amazon) than the nego reviews, though their "positive" thrust was clearly a joke.

My correspondent has now asked them to be removed however, so, honouring his rights as author, i have done so, leaving this skeleton page as a reminder of what Umi once inspired. I consider a guru figure's past trajectory as legitimate material in assessing hir current worthiness to teach and guide disciples' spiritual growth.

Umi is now said to have dropped the olde Arthurian shtick he once favoured, the olde crew having almost all moved on, save the "Morgause" whose favourable review still appears below. My correspondent was also one of that lot but says Umi is now more into a straightforward zen approach, and in fact describes him as "matured and very positive," fwiw. 

"Enlightenment Guaranteed"
by Umi

Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Based on 4 reviews.

Our Customers' Advice:   4 people recommended Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Mind Sciences, Baha'I, Zen, Unitarianism (In Defense of the Faith Series, 2) instead of Enlightenment Guaranteed 

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Editorial Reviews:

Morgause, Aptos, CA
There are not enough stars in the heavens to rate "Enlightenment Guaranteed". Umi's words touch so deep.

Christopher Dow, San Francisco, CA
If you are on the spiritual search, then this read is a must. It is down to earth and clear.

Morgause Abheeti, Santa Cruz, CA
There are not enough stars in the heaven to rate "Enlightenment Guaranteed". My life has profoundly opened and deepened.

[Sarlo: Morgause above (both of them, presumably) is a devotee, which fact does not invalidate the testimonial. A recent visit to the Amazon page reveals that only Christopher Dow's and Morgause's second review survive]

Book Description
Here is the expression of two Enlightened Masters, Bodhidharma the first Zen patriarch, who lived fourteen hundred years ago, and Umi, whose more than thirty years of meditation and spiritual work culminated in the desolution of the self and merging with the Whole, which mystics call Enlightenment. The discourses of "Enlightenment Guaranteed" are peppered with visitor's questions and Umi's answers, which come direct from his own experiences. This is a book about Awakening, about Enlightenment. The story of the journey and the story of coming home.

About the Author
Before the Awakening, Umi spent thirty years on the search. He worked with a Japanese Zen Master, Osho the Indian mystic, and finaly he came to the feet of Mikaire, where on January 10th 1998, the opening happened. Throughout the search there was the continual concern: How to find peace, freedom and love? How to become one with Consciousness? Many times he fell, but he accepted each fall as a gift that deepened his awareness. Now Umi gives Satsang for no other purpose, than that he is simply willing to share this gift with those who are ready.

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5 of 5 stars [Sarlo: I have removed my correspondent's three five-star reviews. All used different pseudonyms, including Anand Purno (Umi's nom de Osho) and Christopher Peterson, apparently a discrediting maneuver against the Christopher Peterson whose ostensibly sincerely positive review remains below, though no longer on Amazon's page. (Amazon now says, "There are no customer reviews yet," and supplies a button to "Create your own review.")
Umi has perhaps more than his share of disgruntled exes, from whose dissatisfaction these backhanded endorsements arose. With a title like Enlightenment Guaranteed, those familiar with Dave Oshana will not wonder why.]

1 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

5 of 5 stars Zen is no longer a mystery, June 10, 2002
Reviewer: Christopher Peterson from Vancouver, BC, Canada

I always found Zen and Bodhidharma hard to understand. Umi makes it so clear. I found his style so easy to follow. Not only did I enjoy the stories, I was moved by Umi's deep insights. Just from reading this book, there is much of my life struggles that have lessened. Umi says, "Remember you decide in each moment who you are. You create this being you call yourself. This being is not your truth, but simply your created self." This was such a gift for me to read this.
All I can say is, if you are seeking for truth, then these words of a living enlightened master are worth reading.

[Sarlo: I cannot resist repeating the suggestion that the above review again, no longer extant, why? has been written by Umi himself, as it appeared very shortly after the book came out, even though the reviewer affected not knowing Umi and ostensibly lives in Canada.]

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