Why Me Lord?

thanks to Michael Read

Why aren't you enlightened?
After all, you are a nice person. You are sincere, kind, generous, devoted and faithful. You meditate, read scriptures,  do practices and give to the poor. And you have been doing these wonderful things for years upon years. Hey, you even remember  past lifetimes full of this high devotional living.

So why haven't you got it by now?
Hasn't it occurred to you yet?
The answer is quite simple.

The universal consciousness just doesn't like you!
It likes other people but, not you! Noooo...not you!

You didn't do anything wrong. Quite the opposite! You are a great person, a wonderful humanitarian, a loving parent, and a respectable member of the community. No, the answer is obvious.

It's personal!
The universe just doesn't like you!
And the stinger is - there isn't a thing you can do about it.
You just aren't cool enough.

Somewhere, deep down, you suspect the truth of this.
That's why you lock yourself away in your room at night and feel so sorry for yourself.

You can't even take the coward's way out!
You'll just be brought back for more suffering!
Again - it's personal. And you know it!

Why? Dunno, you just piss ME off!

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