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1993 Mazda Miata Limited Edition
Only1500 manufactured, just 29,000 miles

This car is registered as # 848 out of a total 1500 1993 LE models sold in the U.S.A. and is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Very few remain as original as this example. It has been driven only 29,000 miles, about 2,000 miles per year.

The 1993 LE was Mazda’s first limited edition luxury/sport Miata with all the creature comforts plus an upgraded sport suspension. It remains the only Miata ever offered in North America with a red interior.

Special equipment on the 1993 LE included Brilliant Black exterior, red leather seats, custom red floor mats and tonneau cover, air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, limited slip differential, ABS brakes, Bilstein shocks, BBS wheels, MSSS sound system (AM/FM-cassette-CD player with headrest speakers, door tweeters and back thumpers), “Harley” door speaker covers, nose air dam, trunk spoiler, and rear skirt spoiler.

For more information and history of the 1993 LE, see the official website here:

This is a U.S. model car but has met all the standards as set out by Transport Canada and outlined on the Registrar of Imported Vehicles website. An official RIV Canada Certification Label has been issued and affixed to the body of my 93 LE. For more information visit the RIV website here:

August 2008 BC Collector Plates issued

This 1993 LE Miata has recently been granted collector status by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Collector car plates are only granted to vehicles in pristine original condition. This photo (right) reflects the license plates now registered to my car. The other photos on this website showing the license plate "93 LE" were taken prior to receiving collector status.
ICBC collector status is usually for vehicles 25 years or older, but may also given to vehicles 15 years or older if 1500 or fewer models were produced. More information can be found by clicking here.

  interior passenger side

Recent Maintenance Records

Mobil 1 5W-30 synthetic engine oil and Mazda OEM filter (28,700 miles)
Redline MT-90 transmission and 75W90 gear fluids (28,700 miles)
Upper and lower radiator hoses (28,700 miles)
PCV hose (28,700 miles)
NGK spark plugs and wires (28,700 miles)
Windshield wiper blades (28,700 miles)
Mazda OEM fuel and air filters (28,700 miles)
PCV valve (28,700 miles)
Drive belts (28,700 miles)
Daytime running lights (DRL) module (28,700 miles)
British Columbia DOT inspection (28,700 miles)
Mazda OEM power window switch (28,700 miles)
Mazda OEM battery (28,900 miles)
Alpine SPS-17C2 6 ½” door speakers (28,900 miles)
Transmission output shaft seal (28,900 miles)
Mobil1 5W-30 synthetic oil, Mazda OEM filter (28,990 miles, March 2009)

exterior rear   exterior drivers side
Since its original purchase in June 1993 this car has spent most of its life in Spartansburg, South Carolina and Pompano Beach, Florida.   The car has been professionally detailed inside and out, including a three stage total surface polishing. While we have owned this vehicle it has always been garaged. We have two other Miatas in the family so the 93 LE has been driven on special occasions only.


interior passenger side   interior drivers side
The interior is in excellent condition and includes the original 93 LE "Miata" script floor mats which are no longer available. The carpet has a slight fade but overall is in very good condition with no wear marks.   It is usual for Miata leather seats to show some degree of wear, especially on the outer bolster edges. These all original seats exhibit very little of that. They have been given the Leatherique Prestine Clean and Rejuvenator Oil treatment As a result the leather is soft and supple.


door panel   odometer
The door panels are in excellent condition with no blemishes and stock stereo tweeters. Behind the Harley Tank style speaker covers are a new set of Alpine SPS-17C2 6 1/2" door speakers (OEM ones are included).   The instrument panel is clear, including a "real" oil pressure gauge unlike the "idiot gauge" pressure/no pressure type of later models. Note the airbag. A perfectly matching Katskin leather steering wheel cover is included.


stereo   stereo cover
Presenting the famous MSSS Mazda Sensory Sound System, including its Pioneer AM/FM-cassette-CD combination with lower Bodysonic System that controls sound equalization as well as seat back mounted bass transducers, often referred to as thumpers. Each seat has its own pair of headrest speakers as well for true stereo sound.   The Mazda engineers at the time felt that this exotic sound system may attract the attention of thieves so a black ABS stereo cover was included as both a theft deterrent as well as a dust protectant. These covers are extremely difficult to locate nowadays so having the original is a real bonus. Note the original Nardi leather covered gear shift knob.


tonneau open   factory manuals etc
A full tonneau cover was included with the 93 LE. This one has rarely been out of its factory case, as witnessed by the folding creases. In this shot the zipper has been undone to illustrate the British style of driving one-up.   Upon purchase of a new 93 LE, the original owner received a set of rare hardcover commemorative books produced by Mazda. The sale of my car includes this set of books plus the original Owner's Manual, Warranty Information booklet, vinyl folder and a set of unopened Bilstein stickers representing the special sport suspension package standard on the 93 LE. Another rare item is this original BBS wheel wrench which is used to tightly secure the valuable and hard to find centre caps.


tonneau folded   soft top
A shot of the folded tonneau resting on its factory vinyl storage case.   The soft top is in very good condition with a clear plastic zippered window (may have been replaced sometime in the past). Note the factory rear spoiler, part of the 93 LE package (see original Delivery Window Document below).


trunk drivers side   trunk passenger side
The trunk is extremely clean with very little sign of wear. Includes original jack and handle.   Original space saver spare tire and a new OEM battery.


engine passenger side   engine drivers side
The engine bay is immaculate. From this side you can see the ABS braking system and secondary fan, indicating factory air conditioning.   The factory cruise control unit is visible in the foreground. I replaced rad hoses, filters, fluids, plugs and wires (see Maintenance Records above).


bbs wheel   underside front
The 195/60HR-14 Michelin Pilot Exalto tires have fewer than 1500 kms on them. One of the factory BBS rims (pictured above) has some minor curb rash on it, about 2" long at the 10 o'clock position, upper left. It is slight and difficult to see. The other 3 wheels are in beautiful condition with a faint hint of wheel weight outline on their outer edges. I have since had tape-on weights applied to the inside (back) of the rims.   This photo shows the underside of the car which is in great condition, typical of a vehicle that has never seen winter. These yellow Bilsteins are a rare and valued commodity. The 93LE sat about 1" lower than other 1993 Miatas and with this package provided additional handling characteristics unique to this limited model. Many enthusiasts are eager to buy up even worn out versions of these shocks and have them factory rebuilt.


dealer original window sticker


letter from mazda

Upon purchase of a 1993 LE, Mazda U.S.A. mailed the original owner a welcoming letter which assigned the car's individual series number (0848 of 1500). Above is a copy of that document.

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