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Overview of Benefits

Tiny Tim TomatoesAn industry benchmark in design and durability for urban planning, these progressive and unique planters are designed for commercial projects and residential homes.

Sturdy, high-quality construction ensures that these pots are extremely durable, long-lasting and space-efficient, making the most of your growing area with vertical growth.

Use as a mini garden to grow fruits and vegetables: strawberries, herbs, short stalk green beans, tiny-tim tomatoes, etc., or use as a centerpiece for growing a tower of flowers.

These attractive plant pots will supply your gardens with bountiful harvests and beautiful flower arrangements for years to come.



Cherry TomatoesEach pot contains 5 individual growing areas and can be stacked up to 5 high. This results in a minimum of 25 plants in a 2 foot square area or, you could plant 2 plants per growing area to equal 60 plants.

A central pipe can be added for easier watering. This pipe is added to the center of the pots and filled with drain or lava rock. Then holes are drilled around the perimeter of the pipe in descending sizes (from ¼ inch at the top down to ⅛ inch at the bottom).




Benefits of Vertical Gardening with growingTowers

Cherry TomatoesIn addition to allowing gardeners with limited space to grow a variety of plants, growingTowers also have the benefits of vertical gardening.

They can be used to block unwanted views or unattractive structures and help disguise these unappealing landscape features.

Vertical gardening allows you to work standing up, saving wear and tear on your back.

Makes gardening easier for older gardeners because they don't have to stoop to work on their plants.

Growing plants in growingTowers also means that they generally have fewer problems with pests and diseases, as many pests can’t reach your plants.

They can be used to create separate gardening areas.

Watering and fertilizing is much easier and more efficient.

Several vegetables can be grown upward. Pole beans, lima beans, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, and squash are examples of vegetables that can be grown vertically.

Small-fruited varieties are the best choice for vertical gardens.

Tomatoes often produce earlier and larger fruits when staked and trained.