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About Me
My name is Carl Hird-Rutter. I live in Chilliwack B.C. with my wife Nadine. My hobbies include woodworking, drawing, painting, writing and whatever else infatuates me at the time. I have been scroll sawing for several years. I will do custom work.
You can always email me at scroller@telus.net

Chilliwack is a beautiful little city in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.
We have mountains on three sides and in less than an hour we can be at the Pacific Coast. There is an abundance of wildlife here, lots of inspirations for any type of creativity.  

How I got started
Back in 1996 just after we moved into the townhouse one of our new neighbors came to visit.
Roy Brown is a gentleman in his 70's asked me if I had any hobbies. I told him I use the computer and listen to the short wave radio. He said those are not hobbies.
He smiled and left. 20 minutes later he came over with a scroll saw some wood and some patterns. "Here is a hobby" he said.
He showed me the basics, left the saw and the wood and the rest is history.  
 I seemed to want to jump right into the complicated fretwork right from the beginning. My first project was a rose coaster, then a tiger coaster. After the first month I jumped into a cut out of an ark on a piece of scrap wood I got from another neighbor. The wood was 16 x 22 and was painted white, the sawdust was a darker colour. I was delighted to find out it was cherry. I redid the ark a few times. Once on a cupboard door and once on a piece of mahogany 5"x7"
Carl Hird-Rutter
Roy Brown
Noah’s Ark Pattern
By John Polhemus
Some of my writing
At Scroller’s Scrolls

An attempt at a novel
Beswick Winkles.

Someday I hope to finish it.