Neni Writes a Letter

He has started out by writing a single column down the right-hand side of the page.  This is the salutation.  It was not always written along the edge like this.

I have written all the vocabulary items from left to right, because that is the way the Egyptians usually wrote, and horizontally, because it fits more easily into the table.  You should try to  get used to recognizing words in various orientations.
bAk servant - More usually written 
The feminine form was 
pr Dt estate - Literally either "house of eternity," or "house of vast lands."
nni Neni - The name of the man writing the letter.  It is not a very complementary name, since it means "weak" or "lazy."
Dd say / says
imy-r pr steward - This means literally "he who is in the door of the house."  It is a common title.
ii-ib Iy-ib
anx(.w) wDA(.w) snb(.w) Life! Prosperity! Health!


So the whole of the salutation means:
It is the Servant of the Estate, Neni, who speaks to the Steward, Iy-ib, l.p.h.

And having got the salutation out of the way, Neni can now get on with the main part of the letter.

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bAk = servant n  =  of;  to;  for pr Dt  =  estate nni  =  Neni (man's name) Dd  =  say n  =  to; of; for imy-r pr  =  steward ii-ib  =  Iyib (man's name) anx wdA snb  =  Life, prosperity, health!