A Letter of Reminder

The underling Neni writes to his superior, the steward Iyib, decorously reminding him to deal with some property.  Two previous letters have not produced any response.  A man called Waah is known from a will and may be the same man as the property owner mentioned here; if so, this letter may date to the reign of Amenamhet IV (c. 1790 BC).  [Adapted from R.B.Parkinson, Voices from Ancient Egypt.]

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The letter was originally published in
      F. Ll. Griffith The Petrie Papyri: Hieratic Papyri from Kahun and Gurob, p.72 and Plate XXIX.
This version is from the facsimile in
      G. Möller, Hieratische Lesestücke für den akademischen Gebrauch I, 19B

Translations of this letter can be found in
      E. Wente, Letters From Ancient Egypt, pp.70-80, and in
      R. B. Parkinson, Voices from Ancient Egypt, pp.90-92.

I have added a few notes on some "peculiarities" of the writing in this letter here.

I have presented a modified version of this letter in "Neni Writes A Letter," where you may find some assistance with the background, structure and special vocabulary of formal letters of the Middle Kingdom.

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