Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 12:26 PM

Subject: Concerned for the Efficacy of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada




Wendy Tadros, Transportion Safety Board of Canada, Office of the Chair

Robert Henry Wright, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Member of the Board

Jonathan Seymour, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Member of the Board

James Walsh, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Member of the Board

Josée Verner, Queen's Privy Council, President

Senate, Standing Committee on Transport and Communications

House of Commons, Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities




Re:  Accident A05P0039



To Whom it Does Concern,


Since the death of my husband and four other working men on the 28th of February, 2005, as the result of an aviation accident, faith in the effectiveness of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada has been continually diminished.


Not only did the TSB fail to adequately investigate or report publically in any manner, but these failures have also resulted in delays and failures by other interested agencies, including, but not limited to, the BC Coroner Service, Transport Canada and the overseers of Occupational Health and Safety for non-transport employees.  Enforcement procedings by Transport Canada, action on Canada Labour Code infringements, reporting by the Coroner, and RCMP investigation, have all yet to be completed.


Due to our disillusionment, we the families contracted the services of a highly respected aviation forensic specialist.  Attached you will find the “AQW Summary Report” and “Coroner Recommendation Letter” prepared by George Heath of RJ Waldron & Co.


Earlier this year, I reached an impasse with Gerard McDonald, Executive Director of the TSB.  At that time, I prepared a letter to Wendy Tadros, but decided to refrain from sending until the investigation by Mr. Heath had reached its conclusion.  As it provides extensive background to the errors and omissions of the Transportation Safety Board and other involved agencies, as well as iterating our continued concerns, I now attach it for your consideration (titled “Impasse”).


The recent release of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s report, M06F0024, into the death of Laura Gainey, who fell overboard, only serves to highlight the different standards which the TSB seems to be applying in attempts to acheive its mandate.  If our loved ones had been famous, or the children of someone famous, would the TSB have thoroughly investigated and publically reported on accident A05P0039? 


Finally, with respect to the findings contained in the Summary Report and Coroner Recommendation Letter prepared by Mr. Heath, specifically:


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada should review its occurrence classification policy to achieve the legislated mandate of investigating aircraft accidents to determine the cause, and to make recommendations to prevent recurrence. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada did not fulfill its obligation in this occurrence.



We hereby demand that said Occurrence Classification Policy be immediately reviewed, and that the previously incepted National Compassionate Assistance Program be instituted forthwith.






Kirsten Stevens

On Behalf of the Stevens, Bedard/MacDonald, Feast and Decock Families


492 S. McPhedran Rd.

Campbell River, BC

V9W 5K5






Encl.  AQW Summary Report

          Coroner Recommendation Letter