Text Box: Dear Ms. Ambrose,
Thank you for your reply.  As I have yet to receive a reply from Mr. Baird, the Federal Minister of Transport, our concerns about the Transport Canada investigation remain.  In a letter dated April 24th, 2008, Dave Nowzek (Regional Director, Civil Aviation) stated:
"Based on the total absence of causal information, no witnesses to the event, no confirmed cause of death of the pilot or recovery of his body, the investigation was then placed on hold pending outcome of the Transportation Safety Board's investigation. The results of the TSB investigation provided no further information that would have assisted the CLC investigation. The investigation was subsequently closed."
This would seem to contradict the assertion that Transport Canada conducted an adequate investigation.  As the findings of RJ Waldron & Co., performed after the Transportation Safety Board of Canada refused to do a full investigation and report, revealed information with respect to the condition of the aircraft prior to departure, and said findings have resulted in a new Aviation Enforcement investigation, it is incumbent upon the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Ministry of Labour to ensure that this new information is examined as required under the Canada Labour Code and the Aviation Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.
We, therefore, continue to await assurance that Transport Canada will re-open its investigation with respect to the working safety of the pilot, Arnold Feast.
At this time, we further wish to highlight RJ Waldron's recommendation that "The Transportation Safety Board of Canada should review its Occurrence Classification Policy to achieve the legislated mandate of investigating aircraft accidents to determine the cause, and to make recommendations to prevent recurrence."  Especially in the case of working fatalities, a thorough TSB investigation and report is essential to the other agencies with investigative obligations – including Transport Canada, provincial Worker’s Compensation Boards, RCMP, Coroner Services, etc.  Although we forwarded the RJ Waldron Report and Recommendations to the TSB Board of Directors, and the President of the Queen’s Privy Council, on the 7th of November, we have yet to receive any response.  I am attaching a copy of my letter for your convenience.  Please confirm that you, as the Federal Minister of Labour, will ensure that the TSB policy is reviewed to make certain that no other workers in Canada will be failed in the way our families have been.
Kirsten Stevens
On behalf of the Stevens, Feast, Bedard/MacDonald and Decock families

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Text Box: Ms. Kirsten Stevens

Dear Ms. Stevens:

This is in response to your electronic message of September 2, 2008, addressed to my predecessor, concerning the tragic loss of your husband's life.  I also acknowledge receipt of your electronic messages of November 7 and 26, 2008.  Please accept my apologies for the delayed reply.  

Labour Program officials have reviewed and discussed this matter with officials at Transport Canada.  In this case, only the pilot was an employee under federal labour jurisdiction and an investigation was conducted by Transport Canada as required under the Canada Labour Code and the Aviation Occupational Safety and Health Regulations into the circumstances of his death.

Since the other passengers, including your husband, were employed by two companies that are provincially regulated, and to the extent that they were at work when the accident occurred, WorkSafe BC is best placed to respond to your concerns.  We have contacted WorkSafe BC to apprise them of the results of our investigation and you may reach them at: 

6951 Westminster Highway
Richmond, British Columbia

I would like to offer you my sincerest sympathies and thank you for taking the time to write.

Yours sincerely,

Rona Ambrose
Minister of Labour

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