"When Hong Kong Tatler tried to track down Andrea Eng, we found ourselves calling New York, and then London but to no avail. We were just about to dismiss her as a figment of the media's imagination, when we finally cornered her in Boston. Even then, however, she was elusive and brief. "I'm working on a Hong Kong deal right now and can't talk to anybody for the next 48 hours," she said. "I'll call you."   -  Hong Kong Tatler        

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During her 15 year tenure at Colliers, Andrea Eng established Collier's solid reputation for professional real estate services amongst Asia's largest and richest institutions and private equity.   Not just in Vancouver but throughout North America she became known as 'The Broker to Billionaires' when she was the cover story for Financial Post.

Not only was she Collier's first female professional ever since its establishment in 1896, her personal friendships and travels with the wealthiest of Asian families extend beyond global real estate.     In Vancouver Canada where she started, she captured 70% market share of all the multi-family building transacted in the Downtown Peninsula.    Hong Kong Billionaire Victor Li identified her talent when he purchased the 84 hectare Expo site in Downtown Vancouver.     She is known as a brilliant deal maker who has the capacity to unearth prime deals in the most unlikely places.  They have all proved profitable and she has been consistent over two decades in the global arena.

Here are a sample of some of her works as Vice President at Colliers:


MacDonald Development Corp 
Deloittes Touche  as receiver 

Discovery Quay   en bloc

Liberty Investments 
Northwest Trust  

1395 Beach Avenue  
en bloc   
Entire City Block sold by 

Cressey  Tudor Manor 

1311 Beach         waterfront
Andrea Eng

Li Family relatives  

1111 Beach      en bloc   waterfront

Private Client   

Portfolio - Vancouver's First

Burrard International
Bentall Group
Delta Land

Georgia Hotel 

Andrea Eng is a unique individuals in the global business.   She is a citizen-of-the-world who can provide as her references a former Chief Executive of British Airways and the Group Finance Director of a global conglomerate  based in Asia whose turnover is $45 bln USD in the same breath.  She operates in the West as well as she does in the East.   

There is a shortage of competent Management skills in Asia.   Andrea is a trusted advisor | friend to some of the world's biggest tycoons and is part of a handful of professionals who have multi-continent rolodex to access the top executives on four continents.

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