In-depth #6

Well, I've started writing the CSS, and it hasn't been nearly as smooth as I thought it was going to be. Using HTML, it wasn't too difficult, as long as I wrote all the correct tags, my work would be fine. It's a lot more finicky with CSS though. As Spiderman so eloquently put it, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

And CSS does give me a lot more power over my website. I can do a lot more, control individual elements, but if I forget one little word, it can destroy my entire site. The first thing I tried to do was a nice, simple background change, from a white, to a blue. Well, I thought it was simple. It was made more complicated by my comment box. When I originally tried to change the colour, it ended up like this:bad comment box As you can tell, not exactly what I wanted. So that meant I had to spend another hour first trying to research different ways of fixing it, and then once I had given up on that route, another half an hour to find a different comment box that actually worked, and then implement it into my HTML code. What happened was what you see at the bottom of my page now, a much more preferable option than the one in the picture.

The other thing I did was I add some more colour. To my links, to my text, I increased the size of the text, as well as changed the font, in general, I just tried to add...more. The end result transformed it from this: main page with no css to this: main page with css. Hope you like it! ***