In-depth #7

I find that HTML is really interesting and entertaining, and it's a field that I would definitely be interested in looking into. I have an uncle who does a lot of tech support, and he says that it's a lot of fun. Plus, as the Internet has expanded, more and more new jobs have been created. New fields like web design, and computer programming are appearing, with more to come. I think that there are many merits to working in a field like this. If I did become a web designer, it would be entertaining because of the uniqueness of each job. Each website would be different, utilizing different skills, depending on the different features and the complexity each website requires. Plus, it would be very easy to work from home as a computer programmer, or web designer. Since these fields are closely related to the Internet and computers, it is unlikely that I would need an office building to work in. I'd be able to set my own hours, work whenever I felt like, and all from the convenience of my own home. Plus, as Internet features develop, programs like Skype will allow me to communicate with my employees, my bosses, or my clients remotely. I think that the hardest part of doing a job like this is the lack of human interaction. I'm more of an extroverted person, I love to talk with people, and be around people. A job like this wouldn't necessarily allow my to have that interaction that I enjoy on a daily basis.

I think that there are many merits and disadvantages to working from home, and working in a field like computer programming or web design. I'm still not really sure what I want to do with my life, and which career I'm going to pursue. That's why I enjoy in-depth so much. It's a way for me to be exposed to something that I'm passionate and interested in, and it'll hopefully give me some idea about whether I want to continue to pursue a job in this field.