Dead Hearts 
Beat Not

" desperate dreams, I save you every night"


If Spike had ever managed to write decent poetry, he might have written this sonnet for Buffy on seeing her in "AfterLife".  (Note how I assume I can write decent poetry *g*)  Rated G.

The Wedding Dance

"This is no place for girl power.  You either let me lead, or it doesn't work. Ready?"

5300 words


The wedding is finally here.  Buffy's in the wedding party, and Spike's been invited.  Now all they have to do is figure out how to deal with each other.  Rated PG-13 for language and mild violence.  Spoilers up to "Wrecked"

The Dance Goes On

"Teachers always did despair of me - said I had a wicked tongue."

8150 words


A sequel to "The Wedding Dance".  What are Buffy and Spike going to do now that they've come home after the wedding?  Rated R for adult situations. Spoilers up to "Wrecked".


"You were never competition, Spike, just garbage to be disposed of."

9600 words


When Riley returns, Buffy has to decide what she really wants in her life.  Rated R for adult situations.  Spoilers up to "Wrecked."

Fragments of a Dream

She had died, and now she would take her friends with her.  And she could already feel the hunger beginning to stir again...

34 chapters - 58 750 words 


Buffy becomes trapped in a world of her own nightmares.  Will Spike and the Scoobies be able to bring her out?  Oh yeah, and the world might be in danger of ending, too.  Rated R for adult situations.  Spoilers up to "As You Were."

The Letter

My dearest Buffy, the letter began.  
I am sorry.

28 chapters - 93 600 words


Heavy on the angst.  Spike's reaction after "Seeing Red"; Buffy's summer; Spike's return with a soul (and other surprises).  Is it possible for relationships to be rebuilt?  Rated R for adult situations.  Spoilers up to the end of Season 6.

If I Should Die 
Before I Wake

"I need you to be strong 
for what's coming."


A sequel to "Fragments of a Dream"  AU Season 6 and beyond.  Rated NC-17 for adult situations.   *WIP*  subject to modifications and outright re-writing at the author's whim.

A Christmas Gift

"You can't play me any more," he whispered defiantly through 
cracked lips.

755 words


A little sad and quiet fic for the holiday season.  Vague spoilers (other than the identity of the Big Bad) for Season 7, up to "Bring On The Night".  Rated PG.


"That's perfectly good bubblewrap," Buffy replied.  "And bonus - stress relief."

1969 words


A response to a challenge for "National Bubblewrap Day", 27 Jan 03. Vague spoilers (other than the identity of the Big Bad) for Season 7, up to "Showtime".  Best read after "A Christmas Gift", but not a dedicated sequel. Rated PG.

Sit 'n' Spin

"That was weird.  And wonderful."

765 words


You know, despite its reputation, there are a lot of things in the Kama Sutra that just plain look and sound silly.  So when PreBuffy asked me to do a story that used one of the moves, I didn't think I could pull it off without snickers.  Its just a short little PWP, but I think I might have done it.  Rated NC-17, because you don't want children trying these things...

Fade to Black

He closed his eyes, though whether it was in submission or trust she couldn't tell.

1965 words


The episode is "Chosen". Spike's contemplating the amulet, Buffy's deep in thought out on the porch. She comes down into the basement a second time to see him, and we - fade to black? That's just not right. Here's how I think it should have gone. Rated R for adult situations.

Girls' Night Out

"It must be lovely to live in the heavens, and burn men every night."

2500 words


Darla and Drusilla set out one night to have a bit of fun one Guy Fawkes Day.  It seems that Dru's feeling lonely, and Darla thinks she might find herself a new playmate.  Back when they were still the Fanged Three.  Rated PG.

Last Sundae
Before the Apocalypse

Chocolate, sex.  No difference that he could see in her face.

2790 words


A response to a challenge from tastylilgifty, for ladyoneill's S/B ficathon.  Her request was Season 7, a little schmoop, a real connection, and comedy.  That's actually a lot harder than it sounds.  I mean comedy? In Season 7?  Rated PG.

Pursuit *WIP*

Her head drove forward suddenly, crushing her mouth against his before he could strike.


What if back in Season Two, Buffy were a bit more impatient, and a bit more willing to give in to the darkness at the source of Slayer power?  Rated NC-17.