Magista's Obsession

Okay, so welcome to my new webpage design, courtesy of my dear Mazzy.

*Long, long dry spell.  But I've started working again on some stuff, and I've entered a Spuffy Kinkathon, so watch this space come March for a new story. 

Still alive, though I can see how many might wonder.  The writing bug hasn't bitten much lately, though I have a couple of new shorter stories up.  Hoping to begin another 'epic' as a sequel to "Fragments of a Dream," but I'm beginning to wonder if, with the passing of both Buffy and Angel, whether I'm now flagellating a deceased domesticated equine (just in keeping with this new theme, you see).  Do people still want to read about how I think Buffy and Spike might go on?  Do I still have a story to tell?

I can't promise story updates will come as quickly as once they used to do, but I haven't closed the door yet.  What's More, you ask?  Just a page I'm holding until I decide exactly what to do with it.  But the stories are all here, and there's some new stuff too.

I guess you should go look and see.

Did you know that you can join "magista's missives" and get e-mail notification when I update?  Saves time and your mousing fingers...

What's New?

4 Feb 05 - Hey, I've been nominated!! Trés cool.  Girls' Night Out has been nominated in the Angelus' Party Girl category at the Fractured Fairytales Awards.  Go me!  I'd tell you to go vote, but it's a judging thing.  Think positive thoughts, okay?

25 Sep 04 - Okay, so it's not new, as such.  You can join "magista's missives," a Yahoo group, and get e-mailed when I update.  No chatter, just story updates.  I wish it were more frequent than it is.

25 Sep 04 - New chapter, ...And Consequences, added to Pursuit.

12 Sep 04 - Updated all pages to include webcounter links and feedback links.  I am so asking for spam...

21 Jun 04 - New stores added.  Girls' Night OutLast Sundae Before the Apocalypse and Pursuit

June 04 - New theme, pictures and backgrounds