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Posting Boards:


The new home for many former posters of the defunct UPN Bronze.  Pretty casual and friendly, with changing wallpaper and pictures.  Courtesy of Little E.

Another place to find former UPN Bronzers.  Check out 'Radio Magic Box' and give a wobbly hug.  Courtesy of tarasApprentice.

A home for lost WB Bronze posters. Very intellectual discussions, mostly.


Personal Pages:

Mazzy's two sites.  The first for fics, in collaboration with PreBuffy, the second for Oz-centric Buffy fun.
SpikeLuva's homepage.
 Lissie's homepage.

The Spuffyitis Support Group page.



Herself and others of note.  

Dark, full of angst - and some of the best writing I've ever read.  There's some slash, so be warned, but it's worth every word.

This woman has more words in one story than I have on this entire site put together.  But if you've got the time, her "Necessary Evils" is a wonderful thing.

Well, this is another one whose name says it all.  Fast and furious smutty Spuffy fun.  Go there.  Read.  Be happy.

Yup, you guessed it.  I'm here too.

Uh huh.  Another site with good taste.


A couple hundred stories here - and me too!  Not that I'm boasting, or anything...


This one's for spikegood.  Spike/Angel slashygoodness.  Hey, even if you never dare read the stories, the site's hilarious.

Here's another...


I have to thank them indirectly, because dropping their NC-17 category is what gave me the impetus to create this site.


Reference Sites:
A great place for transcripts; I've used them as reference in many of my stories.

 Visit All Things Philosophical on Buffy the Vampire 
The title says it all, don't you think?

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