The Letter

I can't claim any credit for the first chapter; I was inspired by the letter Miles wrote to Ekaterin in Lois McMaster Bujold's masterful novel "A Civil Campaign". If you've never read any of her Adventures of Miles Vorkosigan, get thee to a bookstore or library at once!

I thought the concept applied so well to the situation on Buffy after the events of the episode "Seeing Red" that I couldn't get it out of my head. Here, then, is my version of what Spike might write to Buffy before leaving for Africa, and the events that transpire afterwards.

Chapter 1
The Letter
Chapter 2
The Coat
Chapter 3
The Man
Chapter 4
The Truth
Chapter 5
The Talk
Chapter 6
The Visit
Chapter 7
The Dinner
Chapter 8
Friends Come Visiting
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Making Contact
Chapter 11
Back in the
  Saddle Again
Chapter 12
Pennies from Heaven
Chapter 13
The Prodigal
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 
The Salon
  Chapter 17
A New
Chapter 18
Tea and
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Encounters and Interludes
Chapter 21
Desperate Measures
Chapter 22 
Dancing in the Dark
Chapter 23  
The Vampire, the Witch and the Watcher
Chapter 24
  A Week in the Death of William the Bloody
Chapter 25 
Phoenix Rising
Chapter 26
Picking Up the Pieces
Chapter 27
I Love a Parade
Chapter 28
Mr. and Mrs. Summers