Welcome to our trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk!!

Tons of Pictures, So let the Page Load!!

The Hurricane Dominates the Boardwalk

There are 3 arcades in the Boardwalk, 2 are very small. One is Huge!!

First the Small ones

There is a Bunch of Pool Tables and Air Hockey tables here, and a Ping Pong Table! I have never seen a Ping Pong Table in an Arcade, So, of course the Balls are available...

Down Stairs is another Arcade

Amazing to see this old of a game on location!!

And of Course "The Brain!" I love the ATM beside it!

Lots of Vids in there too, but hey! I am a Pin guy!!

On to the BIG Arcade! This thing is HUGE!!


There is everything in here from Very old, to Very Modern

The Shooting Gallery!! Nothing funnier than Flash Photo Setting off everything at once!!

Then there are some Classic Antique stuff, Some of it Modernized.

My Wife Playing a Modernized Shooter (We have a US Marshall Version!)

Fortune Tellers

These were all sprinkled throughout the arcade!

On to the Classic Vids!

These vids are in small pockets of vintage cool!!

A lot of more Modern games!

Again, It is hard to get a feel for the layout of this place, but you just keep walking in circles and then move on!

Now the Pinball Machines!

Most of these games seem to be working, at least everything we tried anyway,

There are some nice machines that you just don't find on location anymore!

Some close ups...

Stroke of Luck Hole (Ouch!!) Although I have seen worse!

And Then there were some other cool games!

And on top of it all, Redemption Games!! These things are so popular with Kids!

After all that heading back to the car there is a cool Bike shop, (I like Coll Bikes!)

And then we Stopped for Dinner on the way home!

El Pollo LoCo! "The Crazy Chicken!!

All in all, it was a Great day on the Boardwalk! The weather was cool and rainy, so the Beach wasn't really an option, although we did spend some time wandering up and down the edge of the ocean, so that was cool too!

If you ever have a chance to get to Santa Cruz, I Highly Recommend it!!!

Thanks for looking!! Dave and Brenda!