Welcome to The Quest

If you reached this page directly, instead of from my home page, I should introduce myself. I'm (click to see me) Anthony Buckland, and "The Quest" is my name for my philosophy and religion.

I could say, "Welcome to my quest," but what I am at here is what I conceive of as the most valuable task I could attempt, to identify and offer to my fellow-humans the opportunity that is available to all of us in this "moment of the Earth," as I call it. I think this task is worthy of being designated a quest, if any ever was. And because of its central importance to what and where we are, I take the liberty of using the word "the".

This opportunity is to advance the emergence into being of God. To find out what I mean by this, follow the links from this page:

Disclaimer: This is not a money-raising scheme. Donations are not sought. If anyone seeks money from you in my name or the name of The Quest, or using my symbol, the tetrahedron, or my written material, they lie.

I seek neither support nor followers. What I do seek in putting this material before you is companions, other humans who will agree with the ideas I present sufficiently to make my quest also their own.

2007 Anthony Buckland, anthonybuckland@telus.net
I believe that God is not our parent but our child and, like the children of our bodies, is born from our acts of love.
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last modified: May 12, 2007