About DecoderPro

DecoderPro is one part of the JMRI software suite. It is free to download and use under a GNU General Public License. It works on most computers and operating systems as well as with most DCC systems. Connect your computer to the Command Station using the appropriate hardware interface and program your decoders without knowing any CVs. It will also keep a record of all your decoder settings.

Click on the links below to find out more about or download JMRI.

JMRI: A Java Model Railroad Interface.
JMRI supports a wide range of DCC "command station"-style products from various model railroad automation vendors.
Download page for the JMRI software suite.
Yahoo discussion group for people using the JMRI software suite (including DecoderPro).

DecoderPro Animated Demos

View animated demonstrations I put together on how to use some features of the program. Demos require: Adobe Flash Player

Programming a new decoder.
Copy a roster file from one decoder to another.
Restore programming to a locomotive.
Setting up JMRI to run in Simulator Mode.
Make a roster entry without a layout connection.
How to Import or Export a Roster File.

These demos were made using Windows XP, JMRI 2.1.5, a Digitrax Command station and a LocoBuffer-USB. The steps used should be similar no matter what systems you are using.

Other JMRI Clinics

JMRI orientation for the Edmonton Model Railroad Association.
JMRI clinic for Battle River Rails 2010 - PNR 6th Division Spring Meet