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        I would like to quote a passage written in March 1900 by my ancestors when they formed a new church, St. Mary's Greek Catholic Parish, at Rabbit Hill, Alberta. It sort of sums up what I have said so far.

"We, the undersigned Rusyny (Ruthenians) of the Greek Catholic rite from the land of Halych, in the state of Austria in Europe, emigrated from our land in the years 1896, 1897 and 1898, partly because of the poverty stricken conditions to which Ruthenians were subjected by Polish (landlord) and Jewish (moneylender) elements and which drove (us) Ruthenians of Halych across the seas. It was on this account that we sold our ancestral land in our country and sought a happier future for ourselves and our children in a far world. In this way, with the help of Almighty God, our journey across the sea was directed to North America, to present day Canada, and to Edmonton, a city of this province. From here (we arrived) in this colony of Rabbit Hill which had been partially settled by Germans. Our success following our arrival in Rabbit Hill depended upon whether a person arrived earlier or later and also upon his financial condition upon his arrival. There were some who arrived penniless, having barely enough money to pay for their journey, who left themselves defenceless to face a bitter destiny in a new land. Nevertheless, the Canadian government under the dominion of her Majesty Queen Victoria, Queen of England, gave everyone of us a farm as a free gift, each farm consisting of one hundred and sixty acres of land. When each one settled on his land, his first occupation was with the necessities connected with his daily life, especially the cultivation of his land which was covered with thick, impenetrable forest. Since many of us settled on this land without any means of livelihood, we had to leave our homes in quest of different types of labour to provide food for ourselves and our children. As a result of this type of existence, everyone has made progress and, finding ourselves in better circumstances after two or three years, though (we) are still far from wealthy, we have embarked on the building of a temple to God after having been visited by a priest two or three times during this period.
Hence, in January 1900 we are resolutely embarking on the construction of a church but, in the making our decision about such an important and blessed task, (we know) we shall suffer a good deal of distress before we conclude the envisioned task....".

    This passage was originally written in Ukrainian and translated into English  many years later. 

    I am sure every family that settled Alberta in the early days has stories of trials, tribulations, sadness, death and happy events for certainly my family does. Rather than talk anymore, the following links will take you to some of those stories written by other family members.

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