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    The link below is of my family tree I have been working on for many years. The FTW (Family Tree Windows) files contains lots of information and pictures. It is a very large file (28Mb) and would take a very long time to download. Furthermore, I do not have that amount of space on my free webspace with Telus. Therefore, I can not post it here. If you want or need a copy, I will burn a CD-ROM and mail it out to you free of charge. E-mail me at Vernon Fedor. The GedCom file linked here is a lot smaller and contains the basic genealogy information. To explain my FTW or GedCom file, the people listed are not only my ancestors and relatives but other Ukrainian families that are related by marriage. If a Fedor or Borys married into a well known and large Ukrainian family, I started to enter their family members and information. Thus my FTW and GedCom files contains some good family tree information on the family surnames of Ambrock, Chimera, Domszy, Fuhr, Halwa, Hook, Iwanicka, Lopushinsky, Pyrcz, Sereda, Sharko, Stachnik, Sych, Szpot,Workun, Wronko, and Yaremko.

Download GedCom File - updated December 2004

    Some PDf files of my ancestors descendants tree outline.

and just for my Aunt Celeste  Milward Descendants .

    Below are some links to Genealogy resources I use and visit. Included are links to the Latter Day Saints Family History Catalogue Library and the microfilm that contains church records of my ancestors.

    Wysocko Greek Catholic Church records are in LDS film #2010582. This film is for Wysocko, Brody, Ukraine. The church records for Wysocko, Jaroslaw for the years 1821-1846 are inserted in about the middle of the film and should not be there. This is a mistake by the L'viv Archives, not the LDS Family History Centre and the LDS FHC did not notice this when microfilming the records. There are no Greek Catholic church records listed as held by LDS FHC for Wysocko, Jaroslaw. When I started doing more research at the LDS FHC I ordered this film because it was the only one that had "Wysocko" in the title not knowing it was for Wysocko, Brody. I spend hours going through each page trying to find ancestors names without luck. Then BINGO this one metrical record book was in the middle and all of the names started to look familiar. One day I will inform the LDS FHC about this error.

    The State Archives in Przemysl Poland have no church records for Wysocko, Poland at all. Neither does the State Archives in Rzeszow which had the records for Wietlin.

    It is interesting to note that my Grandfather Mike Fedor sent away in 1931 to Poland for a true copy of his baptismal/ birth certificate. He got a certified copy back. It states it was signed and sealed in Wysocko and is dated 10 November 1931. I am not sure if it is a church document or a civl document but it looks more like a civil document but it is written in Latin and Uktranian which  indicates more of a church document. The seals are in Ukraine and maybe Latin (or Polish) but are so smudged it is hard to read what they actually say. So 33 years after he left the old country he was able to write back and get proof of his birth and baptism Therefore, the records to verify his birth and baptism existed in 1931 so what happen to those records after that? That is the big question. They may exists in the Central State Archives in L'viv but they are not catalogued for anyone to find them yet.

    There are no Greek Catholic Church records held by LDS FHC for Laszki, Poland. The State Archives in Przemysl have some for the years 1785-1854 only. According to others who have done more research than I, there are no Greek Catholic Church records for Laszki, Poland beyond the year 1854 to be found anywhere in Poland including the local registry office in Laszki.

    Please come back to this page to this visit again in six months or so, for I will update my GedCom family tree file about every six months. Bye for now!

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