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For those of you not familiar with the Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe (SC), this generation style of Thunderbirds is called MN12 chassis type and was built from 1989 to 1997. The Super Coupe Model was built from 1989 to 1995 only. Comparable to the Thunderbird SC is the Mercury Cougar XR7 but it was only built in 1989 and 1990.

I bought my first Supercoupe, a1990 SC, in November 2000 and my second one, a 1995 SC in June 2002. I thank the person I bought my 1995 SC from, Horst Witzler, for taking such good care of it. He appreciated a fine car as much as I do. As for my 1990 SC, the people who had it before me abused it, never cleaned it and never took proper care of it. To them it was just a car to drive until it fell apart. I sold the 1990 SC in August 2004 to downsize my vehicle fleet and to start saving for my next big car purchase.

The 1995 SC car is the last of its kind. In 1995, 5741 Super Coupes were built. 5,167 were built with automatic transmissions and only 574 were built with manual transmissions. My 1995 SC is one of them.

The '89 to '95 SC are powered by a 3.8 L (232 cu in) V6, 2 valves per cylinder Overhead Valve (OHV) Modified Wedge Combustion Chamber engine (Vulcan series) that is supercharged using an Eatons M90 roots-type supercharger with maximum 15 psi boost and Air to Air Intercooled. The fuel system is sequential multi-port Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). The 1995 model produces: Horsepower (SAE net) - 230 @ 4,400 rpm and Torque (SAE net ft/lbs) - 330 @ 2,500 rpm. The 1990 model produces: Horsepower (SAE net) - 210 @ 4,000 rpm and Torque (SAE net ft/lbs) - 315 @ 2,600 rpm. Because the effective compression ratio with the supercharger at 15 psi is 14:1, premium gas with an octane rating of 92 is a must.

The MN12 Chassis Type is a Rear Wheel Drive Uni Body Construction car and came only in a two door coupe; no convertibles were made. The T-Bird suspension is 4 wheel independent suspension (yes, independent rear suspension) with variable rate coil  springs and electronic control adjustable shocks supplied by Tokico. The steering is rack and pinion Variable Power Assist and Speed Sensitive.

When the car exceeds about 140 kph, the electronic automatic ride control take over and the shocks go firm and speed sensitive steering changes. This is a safety thing so when you are doing 200+ kph, the car stays down the middle of the road.

The brakes are power assist 4 Wheel Disc brakes with 4 wheel Anti-lock Brake (ABS) system.

The 1995 SC has a 5 Speed Manual Overdrive Transmission made by Mazda (M5R2) while the 1990 has a Ford model AOD transmission.

The top speed of the car is very high for a straight out of the factory car. My 1995 T-Bird SC 5 speed car is capable of doing 230+ kph (143 mph) and I have had it up to 230 kph (143 mph). The 1990 T-Bird SC Automatic is speed limited to around 200 kph because of the automatic transmission. I love these cars even though they are a pain to maintain properly, expensive to repair and factory Ford replacements parts are now very limited.

The only modifications I have done to the 1995 Thunderbird SC is I have removed the plastic air siliencer box located underneath the fender, installed a K&N panel air filter in the stock air housing box and had fabricated and installed a custom stainless steel 2.5" dia. into 3" dia. cental pipe into 2.5" dia. dual tailpipes with one central Magnaflow muffler (dual 2.5" in, 3" out). It is loud but now it can breath properly.

If you like to know more about these Ford Thunderbird Super Coupes follow the links to these three good websites.  Super Coupe Club of Western CanadaSuper Coupe Club of America and  Thunderbird Cougar Club of America .

Here are some pictures of my 1995 Thunderbird SC followed by the 1990 Thunderbird SC. If you click on the small picture, it should enlarge. If not, left click on the text and hoefully it will enlarge the picture.

95 SC Engine 95SC engine bay
95SC engine right side
95SC Engine left side
This is the engine bay. Somewhere below the piping and ductwork           
 there is a Ford 3.8 L V6
Another more recent picture of the Thunderbird SC engine bay
A picture of the engine bay from the passenger side
A picture of the engine bay from the drivers side. The powder coated tube is part of the intercooler.

interior driver side interior left side
interior left rocker
interior right
This is a picture of the interior. Just leather, cloth and vinyl, no wood or chrome trim (and I like it that way). Picture of interior showing driver seat area. Both seats are 6 way power seats and are half cloth and leather.
A pictue of how clean and unmarked the scuff plates are on the rocker panel. The car has never been driven in winter.
Picture how clean and unmarked the scuff plates on the rocker panel are on the passenger side.

interior passenger side
cast aluminum wheel personal license plate 95SC in 2002
Another good picture of the interior from the passenger side. The interior colour is called Opal Grey
Picture of the cast aluminium but plain wheels and tires. My special license plate. Also my handle on the SCCofWC forum
A picture of the car in October 2002. I think she is a beauty!

95SC in 2002
95SC in May 2003
95Sc in M,ay 2003
95SC in May 2003
Another picture of the car in October 2002
A picture of the 95 SC car in May 2003. And here I combine my two interest, Genealogy at the local Church cemetery and my car. A picture of the 95 SC car in May 2003 A picture of the 95 SC car in May 2003

95SC in Edmonton in May 2003
95Sc in Med Hat
95Sc in Med Hat
95SC in Med Hat
The car in Edmonton in May 2003. Colour of the car is called Silver Blue Mist Clearcoat Metallic.
1995 SC in Medicine Hat June 2004
1995 SC in Medicine Hat June 2004 1995 SC in Medicine Hat June 2004

95SC in Med_Hat at the drag races 95Sc at the drag races
  95SC in race trim
1995 SC in Medicine Hat June 2004 1995 SC at the drag races October 2004. The tri-coat paint chages colour depending on the sun angle and heat.
1995 SC at the drag races October 2004
1995 SC in drag race trim June 2004

95Sc in race trim
New Muffler set up
90Sc and 95SC together

1995 SC in drag race trim June 2004
A underside view of the new exhaust set up. Note no tailpipe mufflers.
And a picture of the two cars together at Cochrane AB during a SCCoWC meet.

95SC Dynamometer
95Sc Dynamometer
14.767 time slip
14.788 time slip
Dynamometer print out for 95SC in stock trim
Dynamometer print out for 95SC in stock trim Quarter mile time slipdrag racing for best time of 14.767 sec. Car number is #95 of course
Quarter mile time slip drag racing for second best time of 14.788 sec. Car number is #95.

1/4 mile Drace Race Video 17 Sept 2004. Son Devon Driving. Click

90SC front dricer side 90SC driver side
90SC rear driver side 90SC interior
Front Quarter panel view of 1990 SC  Driver side view of 1990 SC Rear quarter panel view of 1990 SC. Interior view of 1990 SC   

90 SC Wheel
90 SC front view

View of the wheels and tires of the 1990 SC. They are different than the 1995 but still are cast aluminium.  
Front view of 1990 SC

So that is my Ford Thunderbird Car page. Web page last updated - October 2004

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