Marianne Watchel

Solo Exhibitions
2013 "Veils and Incidents," Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2012 "Studio Notes," CKUA, Edmonton
2007 "Elements," Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2005 "Borderland," Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2005 "Chains," TransAlta Arts Barns, Edmonton
2002 "Jazz for Breakfast," Scott Gallery, Edmonton
1990 "Recent Work," Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg
1986 "Paintings," Vinish Gallery, Saskatoon
1985 "Testimony," Vinish Gallery, Saskatoon

Group Exhibitions
2012 "Panforte," Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2011 Group Show, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2011 25th Anniversary Show, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2010 Winter Exhibition, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2009 "Relationships and Investigations" Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2009 Summer Group Exhibition, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2009 Christmas Show, Scott gallery, Edmonton
2008 "Real," Art Gallery of Alberta., Edmonton
2008 "U8" Sopa Fine Art, Kelowna, BC
2008 "Fall Confluence" Scott Gallery,Edmonton
2008 "Winterscapes" Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2008 Christmas Show, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2007 "Celebration of Women", Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2007 Christmas Show, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2006 20th Anniversary Show, Scott Gallery, Edmonton
2004 12th Annual Edmonton Contemporary Artists' Society Exhibition,Edmonton
2003 11th Annual Edmonton Contemporary Artistís Society, Edmonton
2002 10th Annual Edmonton Contemporary Artistís Society, Edmonton Art Gallery
2002 "Gifts of the Land," McMullen Gallery, Edmonton
2001 9th Annual Edmonton Contemporary Artistís Society, Edmonton
2000 "Christmas Treasures," Scott Gallery, Edmonton
1998 "The 6th Annual Edmonton Contemporary Artistsí Society Exhibition," Edmonton
1997 "Edmonton 2000 Ė A Revelation," Harcourt House, Edmonton
1997 "New for 97," Edmonton Art Gallery
1997 "A Studio Show," Marianne Watchel & Adrian Vinish, Edmonton
1994 "Canadian Women Artists," Virginia Christopher Galleries,Calgary
1992 "Small Works," Profiles Gallery, St. Albert
1991 "Group Show," Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg
1990 "Marianne Watchel & Aganetha Dyck Ė Recent Work," Thomas Gallery,Winnipeg
1989 "Selected Work," Profiles Gallery, St. Albert
1988 "Watchel/Richards Ė Recent Work," Profiles Gallery, St. Albert
1987 "The Motivating Factor," Profiles Gallery, St. Albert
1986 "Celebration of Women," Kathleen Laverty Gallery, Edmonton
1986 "Works on Paper," Vinish Gallery, Saskatoon
1986 "Group Show," Vinish Gallery, Saskatoon

Artist Statement

Years ago, I sometimes referred to myself as a landscape painter and my work would have easily been recognized as such. I still am influenced by the landscape and readily use the horizon line as a starting point. Spending two or three months in the bush of northern Saskatchewan and Alberta every year and viewing the land by helicopter has shaped my definition of "landscape." The viewing distance determines recognition of objects. Often my paintings rely on "the incident." By this I mean, when viewing the work the eye is directed through a series of stops or pauses and then drawn on as it moves within the picture. The hope is that this can be done while still experiencing the piece as a whole. Iíve always been interested in pictorial tension and testing how far can something be pushed in a painting before it loses any sense of order. The order I refer to is not the unfeeling placement or clever juxtaposition of elements in a painting to achieve easy resolution but instead I hope the order comes through a kind of reconciliation that I have to come to as I work. Imposed solutions are sacrificed to intuition forged over years of engagement and the necessity of that particular painting demanding that specific response. I paint in the hope making something that I and others can take pleasure in looking at and responding to.