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Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies



Mount Assiniboine is one of the finest peaks in the Canadian Rockies. It is often compared to the Matterhorn and whilst there is a similarity with that famous peak Assiniboine's beautiful isolation, high above Lake Magog give it a character that is entirely unique.

A climb of Assiniboine with a certified Yamnuska mountain guide can be the experience of a lifetime. If you'd like to climb Assiniboine with a Yamnuska guide this prospectus will tell you what its all about. Once decided let us know so that we can confirm arrangements for this terrific adventure.


The Peak

Mount Assiniboine is a serious and often difficult climb. It is frequently underestimated. There is substantial exposure and rockfall hazard. In dry conditions it is technically straight forward. More likely though, it will be snowed or iced up and the climbing very challenging. This is not a peak for beginners!

The most popular route on this 11,867ft. (3618m) peak is the North Ridge. This 3,000ft. ridge is steep and exposed without being too technically difficult. Initially you will move together up a series of gullies and climb a rock band before reaching the ridge crest which is followed to the 'Red Band'. Once there you will be climbing fifth class rock for several hundred feet to the corniced summit. The view from the summit is just incredible.

Climbing time is anywhere from 8 to 14 hours return from the Hind Hut.

Getting To Assiniboine

It is possible to fly by helicopter to Assiniboine Meadows on Fridays, Sundays and the first, third & fifth Wednesday of each month. This eliminates the need to spend a day and a half hiking in to the Hind Hut. You would leave from Canmore or, if necessary from the Mount Shark Helipad, 45 minutes from Canmore.

Once at Assiniboine Meadows we have to get up to the Hind Hut which is located right beneath Assiniboine, very close to both the N. Ridge and the N. Face. This can take from 2 to 5 hours and involves steep, exposed scrambling. It is possible to climb Assiniboine in a day from Assiniboine Meadows but you need to be in really top form.

How Much Time Do you Need?

The minimum time it will take is three days. One day to fly to Assiniboine Meadows and to climb to the Hind Hut, the next day for the ascent and the final day to descend to the Meadows from where you can fly or walk out. The problem with such a short time is that weather may be bad on your climbing day leaving you with no spare days. We suggest you take a guide for at least four if not five days so as to allow extra time for the ascent. In the event of being able to do the climb on the first available day then there are several other peaks in the area you can climb as well.


Assiniboine can be climbed anytime June through September but remember that conditions may prevent climbing on the peak at any time in those months. The optimal months are July and August when dry conditions are most likely. In some years heavy spring snows may result in the peak being a snow climb through most of the summer. Summer snowstorms can put the peak 'out of condition' at any time. We must emphasize that bad weather and conditions are possible at any time and consequently we cannot guarantee a summit climb or easy conditions.

Guides and Guide Ratios?

The lead guide will be an internationally qualified (UIAGM/ACMG) full guide. Other guides will be at least qualified assistant guides (ACMG). It is vastly preferable to have a one-on-one guide ratio. We will take two with one guide on the North Ridge only and then only if your experience makes itappropriate.

How Experienced Need You Be?

Assiniboine is not a climb for beginners. We require that you have recent alpine mountaineering experience (or extensive multi-pitch rock experience) beforehand and we will require that you complete our experience questionnaire on booking. When making your booking we can advise you as to the feasibility of your attempting this peak.

This is one of the most expensive objectives in the Rockies, there are lots of other great climbs in our region which you can attempt with us at much less expense. If you have any doubts as to the suitability of this objective then it may be wise to take a guide for another climb first.

Accomodation and Food

The Hind Hut is a basic sheet metal mountain shelter equipped with sleeping platforms and 'foamies', we bring food and a stove. We can help you find accommodation in the region before and after. Afterwards you may like to stay on and enjoy the great hiking in the Assiniboine Meadows area. This is a terrific area to enjoy with family and friends. You can camp or stay at world-famous Mt. Assiniboine Lodge.

Getting To Canmore

Canmore is the nearest town to the heli and hiking staging points for Assiniboine. It is 100km west of Calgary on the Trans Canada Highway. You can easily fly to Calgary from Europe and anywhere in the 'States and Canada. Bus services will bring you to Canmore or you may prefer to rent a car from Calgary.


Please ensure that you are covered for the cost of evacuation or rescue should you fall ill or be injured. Most health benefit plans (public and private) and some travel insurance policies do cover this. Otherwise, in the unlikely event that you need these services you may be liable for the cost (not astronomical). We can give you further information if necessary.


The following package costs include guide fees, meals and helicopter flights.

Federal goods and services tax is not included. This is 7% extra for residents of Canada and 3.5% for non residents. Prices are in Canadian Dollars with approx. US$ price in brackets. It is possible to hike out and not use the helicopter, well reduce the price accordingly should youchoose this option.
  1. Three Day for one: $1820 (US$1230); for two: $2090 (US$1410) or $1045Cdn. each.
    Friday to Sunday, Wednesday to Friday.
  2. Four Day for one: $2205 (US$1490); for two: $2500 (US$1690) or $1250Cdn. each.
    Sunday to Wednesday.
  3. Five Day for one: $2590 (US$1750); for two: $2910 (US$1965) or $1455Cdn. each.
    Wednesday to Sunday.

What If Assiniboine Is Out Of Condition?

Mount Assiniboine is very weather prone and may be completely out of condition at any time in the summer for days or weeks at a time. When this happens it is possible to climb on other peaks in the Rockies that remain in condition (lower rock peaks or snow and ice routes). In the event of Assiniboine being clearly out of condition we will organize an alternate climbing program for you and will use the helicopter fees included in the package to defray any new expenses with the balance being be refunded to you.

Booking Information

Please book as early as practical to avoid disappointment. We require a one third of full cost deposit with the balance due 8 weeks in advance, after that, full payment is required with booking. To avoid unnecessary cancellation penalties we suggest you take our cancellation insurance which costs 5% of the package cost, this must accompany your deposit. Please read the booking conditions and cancellation penalties carefully before booking.

For detailed booking instructions and conditions, click here.

Along with all relevant receipts we will send you a full trip logistical kit (containing meeting times, a list of what to bring and info on how to get here), an experience questionnaire and a sample copy of our waiver which we will ask you to sign when you meet us.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this climb.

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