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Ambassadors member publications

These are some works published by corps members for corps members and staff. The opinions are those of the authors. I have corrected some spelling when I found an obvious error and I have attempted to maintain the original formatting whenever possible. I apologise in advance for the quality of pictures in this section. Most are taken from the photocopied pages that I have in my possesion and the scans are taken from these poor copies.


The Ambassadors '79 Yearbook - Dan Brooks and Garry Summers

This is a detailed and irreverent account of the 1979 Ambassadors' season from a corps members perspective.


The Ambassa-Bear News, Vol.1, No.1 - Sterling Munro, with Andy Parks

The first and (as far as I know) only issue of the Ambassadors member newsletter which takes its name from the fuzzy 79-80 mascot. It includes a fair bit of inside humour which with any luck is not libelous.


The Out of the Blue Yearbook (1986), Jean Fraser, editor

The yearbook of the Newmarket Ambassadors and York Oakland Crusaders who in 1986 were Out of the Blue. Thanks to Michael Marcotte for scanning these pages.


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