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The Ambassadors are/were a junior Drum and Bugle Corps from Newmarket and Aurora, Ontario, Canada that competed in the Ontario (ODCA) circuit and sometimes beyond into the US mid-west from 1974 to 1987 when, sadly, the organization folded up. Hundreds of kids were part of the Ambassadors during these years.

I (Sam King, the junior) decided one day in June of '97 that I would like to make a project of turning my web site into an on-line scrapbook that all the former Ambassadors, who might be on-line and interested, could view any time they wanted. I started out with grandiose plans of making a sort of virtual Alumni Association but the reality is that few Ambassadors have seen this site in the last three months or so. Now that I have been put in my place, I still think it's a good idea to continue to add to this informal archive in the hope that more alumni will happen upon it. I have already had some help and interest from some alumni: Andrew Styrmo, Duane Morris, Pete Bredow and Dan Brooks. Here's hoping that more of you who marched will enjoy this collection and those of you who are just looking for fun can perhaps learn a thing or two about how small corps like the Ambassadors work.

yours sincerely,

Sam King jr.

September 2, 1997


March 2, 2002,

As some of you have discovered, I have been testing a new discussion board. Kelley says I should let everyone know. So here it is.

I have been dissatisfied with the one that was in place because of the fact that old posts are removed after about two months so after a while there is nothing to see. I had hoped to host my own through my account here at Interlog (i.e Inter.net) but apparently they let me run custom scripts like this. So I have had to go for a sponsored service similar to the old board but with a lot more features. Unfortunately with the features come more advertisements, but hopefully you will be able to put up with them. Let me know what you think. I can add new forums as there are needed so tell me if you want one.

Here is the full URL for the new board: http://pub28.ezboard.com/bambassadorsalumni

See you there!



December 9, 2001

After a long absence, I have added a letter to the editor of the Topic from 1983. It reminds me that there wasn't always a lot of support for the Ambassadors from the various municipalities in the Aurora and Newmarket area. Thanks for the support Mr. Wilson.

Those of you who still live in the area make note of the names of the councillors involved should you ever see them on a municiple ballot again.. ;-)

Merry Christmas all,



January 20, 2001

I have completed the photo pages for the 2000 reunion! As a bonus I have posted three photos from my camera. I believe the photographer in at least one case was my wife Anna. The others were the work of passerby.

I have also noticed that there were a lot more people at the reunion than those who posed for semi-offical photos. Therefore I am now sanctioned to post bad snapshots of all the people who were too timid to pose! If you can manage to scan some of your photos (good or bad) send them to me in an attachment and I will post them on web pages herein.

If you are frustrated with my progress updating the web site you can take it out on me in the poll. You know, compared to most glaciers I move quite quickly.

Now on to cleaning up the links page.


January 13, 2001

I know. It's has been a ridiculous amount of time since I have done anything. Fortunately the turning of the millenium has prodded me into action. This of course does not bode well for future timely updates, but I digress...

I have at long last put up (some) of the photos from Reunion 2000! You can see them here. I still have 20 or so to go. Please bear with me. I hope to have this done as well as some snapshots in the near future.

Hmmm, perhaps it's time to return some e-mail from the last 6 months too....

Happy New Year!


May 22, 2000

The reunion was fabulous! I hope to have some pictures up on the website soon. There is another Ambassador alumni event on the go: a family picnic on July 30, 2000. I don't know what the location is yet. Keep an eye on the events page for more news in the coming weeks.


March 13, 2000

I have added a bit more in the 1981 and 1983 scrapbook.


March 4, 2000

There is a functioning guestbook page now. Try it out.


February 23, 2000

I have had a moment to add to the long-neglected 1981 yearbook. Have a look.



February 21, 2000

Well so far I am not doing very well in keeping my promise. However, I'll keep adding this as I can. Here's a bit more in the 1980 scrapbook. There is more to come.


January 28, 2000

In honour of the reunion I have made it my goal to add something new, however small, every week until April 30. Have a look at some new newspaper articles about the '79 "C' circuit competition in Newmarket. Paul Ranson gives good interview to the local press. There are a some organizations out there who need his help.


January 22, 2000

I have been making some small corrections to corps member lists and have added some very empty pages as corps lists for 1976 and 1977. Let me know if you marched these years. I have also cleaned up the links list a bit.


January 8, 2000

Welcome to Y2K all. I hope everyone had a great holiday. Over the holidays I had some great news from Brin Jones. He is organizing an Ambassadors reunion dinner and dance on April 29, 2000 in Aurora, Ontario. Click here for the details. I hope to see you all there...


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