Ryan Gauld has been appointed as the MX of Nations manager for Team Canada for 2014 in Latvia.

This completes the appointments for the 2014 International team managers for Canada.




Feb. 20/13

The Canadian Motorcycle Association reluctantly announces that, despite having a signed agreement with Canadian Independent Motocross (CIMX), the CMA BC motocross series announced on February 4th will not take place.

Agreements between CIMX and 3 tracks (Kelowna, Ashcroft and Kamloops), in addition to the CMA location at Agassiz, were in place prior to the finalization of the agreement, and there was no reason for the CMA to doubt that the arrangements had been made in good faith.

However, this was not to be the case when one of the tracks withdrew citing pressure from outside sources, which in turn caused CIMX to break its agreement with the CMA, saying that the series was not viable without the inclusion of the 4th track.

Efforts to convince CIMX that a 3 track series was indeed a positive solution to the problem did not succeed.

Sadly this is far from the first time that sincere efforts to create or maintain a stable motocross programme in Canada have been destroyed by behind the scenes manipulation of people. These activities have nothing to do with the sport of motocross or the wellbeing of the riders, but are a crass exploitation of abuse of dominance, using intimidation for personal gain.

The downward spiral of motocross as a bona fide sporting activity in Canada will continue until individuals and clubs stop allowing themselves to be bullied by individuals who enjoy support and assistance from some members of the motorcycle industry.

It is unusual for the Canadian Motorcycle Association to speak publicly about such a negative subject but this situation has been draining a great many ethical, energetic and forward thinking sporting people away from motocross for nearly 20 years. We believe it is time to open the windows and let some light shine on the matter.



Toronto Supercross Is Coming!

Please Click Here for Rider Regulations.

Gate Drops for MX for Children 2013 Fundraising Opportunities

Top Race Teams Participate in Jackpot Challenge North American Fundraiser

Seattle, WA. (January 29, 2013) -

After a successful 2012 fundraising season for MX for Children, in conjunction with Monster Energy Supercross, we are pleased to announce that we will again return to five Supercross race cities - St. Louis, Toronto, Houston, Seattle and Salt Lake City - hosting our Inside Line Experience events while culminating our fundraising with the 2013 Jackpot Challenge award in Las Vegas where our highest individual fundraiser and top SX team will be recognized.

"We had such strong support from so many teams in 2012 that we wanted to find a way to recognize their participation," said Paul Gross, founder of MX for Children. "The Jackpot Challenge extends our fundraising support past our five cities to include any fan at any stop on the Supercross circuit."

The Jackpot Challenge allows Supercross fans in the United States and Canada to donate to MX for Children in honor of participating Supercross teams. Teams participating out of the gate include Honda Muscle Milk, BTO Sports Butler Bros. KTM, Monster Energy Kawasaki, Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Rockstar Energy Racing, and Two Two Motorsports. Now the Jackpot Challenge has a fundraising winner at the individual level and recognition for the top Supercross team. Jackpot Challenge team fundraising results will be posted each Sunday on the MX for Children website.

MX for Children's Inside Line Experience is a Supercross series exclusive with a unique multi-day behind the scenes look at Supercross. Qualified participants start with a "Meet and Greet" with top Supercross racers in a private, informal atmosphere for autographs, pictures and an open Q&A. On race day, participants tour factory rigs, walk the Supercross track, pit passes (if available) and enjoy the race with great seats! Our Jackpot Challenge is a season ending grand prize for our highest fundraiser during the Supercross series. The Jackpot Challenge winner receives two VIP passes to the finale of Supercross in Las Vegas including airfare, hotel and meals.

Supercross fans and families interested in the Inside Line Experience and Jackpot Challenge should visit and click on the 'Inside Line' icon to learn more details on our 2013 activities and charitable opportunities in the United States and Canada. Supercross teams and racers interested in participating in the Jackpot Challenge for teams should send email to for information on how to participate.




The CMA Board of Directors has approved the appointment of the following individuals as managers for the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE), the Motocross of Nations and the Trial des Nations.

Michael Kelly continues as head of the management team for the ISDE, while Carl Bastedo once again takes on the challenge of fielding a healthy team for the Motocross of Nations. Mr. Bastedo had to abandon his efforts in 2012 due to injuries suffered during the regular season by the chosen team members.

Meanwhile focus for the ISDE will be on introducing a new generation of young riders to the experience as well as continuing to build a women's team to eventual contender status.

The responsibility for the Trial des Nations has been taken on by Jennifer Johnson of Markdale, On. Jennifer brings considerable organizational and fundraising skills to the job, along with a 36 year passion for trials.


Trials Des Nations Expression of Interest now on CMA web site



The beautiful island of SARDINIA, Italy, is the site of the Centennial Celebration of the International Six Days Enduro in 2013. It will take place from SEPTEMBER 30TH to OCTOBER 5TH.

You can be part of this historical occasion and bring home memories that will last a lifetime.

Due to the very early closing date for entry requests and accommodation bookings it is important for the CMA and the ISDE Manager to have accurate information about the number of riders interested in participating, as well as the rooming needs of our prospective teams.

This is not a request for a formal application - that will follow soon. Nor is it a request for a financial commitment yet.

Please send us, as soon as possible and at the latest by Dec. 15th the following information:
Your Name
Email Address
Team for which application will be made:
( ) Trophy
( ) Junior Trophy
( ) Women
( ) Club
( ) Manufacturers
How many people will be going with you? *

* riders must provide at least 1 support person and an automobile and will be required to send deposits for entry fees and accommodation by dates well in advance of the date.

Your management team is making every effort to provide a higher level of support for the Junior Trophy and Women's Teams.

Club Team Members are encouraged to rent bikes and a service package as support personnel will be limited.



August 27, 2012




Wilson Craig has been forced to withdraw from the team for medical reasons. He is replaced by Brandon Wince.


We regret to advice that for the second year in a row, Canada will not be represented at the Motocross of Nations.

The season began with a good number of potential candidates for the team.

Rider injuries, which can happen, have eliminated some, despite their enthusiasm for the project.

Unfortunately several others have a commitment to participate in a major non CMA event taking place here on the same weekend.

Marilynn Bastedo, CMA/CEO commented, "While we understand that these riders must honour their obligations, we are likely the only country in the world where an important motocross event is scheduled for the same weekend as the FIM World Championship for National Teams. It certainly emphasizes how much work needs to be done to put this discipline back on a credible level in Canada.

We thank Team Manager Carl Bastedo for his efforts in trying to make Team Canada a reality for 2012."


An agreement has been reached between the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and the Federation Quebecoise des Motos Hors Route (FQMHR) for the latter to affiliate with the CMA.

The CMA is a national non profit association, affiliated to Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) whose mandate includes the implementation of best practices for motorcycling in Canada in the best interest of Canadian motorcyclists.

FQMHR is a non profit organization devoted to the implementation of best practices in Quebec regarding the respect of provincial laws.

Representatives of both organizations met in November of 2011 during which they decided to work together on common issues related to the safety of motorcycle users and racers.

In late March, representatives of the FQMHR participated in an FIM/CMA environmental seminar where individuals from CMA and AMA were successful in obtaining their FIM Environmental Licences. The seminar content included sound level, fuel, protection of the ground, cleaning issues, behaviour of the spectators, activities of the organizers, circuit/track manager, race participants and road users.

Benoit-Gilles Depont, Directeur General of FQMHR stated, "there was an incredibly knowledgeable group of persons around the table during those 2 days and he is pleased to announce that Jerome Bureau, Stephanie Paquette, Florence Berard, Lucien Caggiano and himself were certified as Environmental Stewards for the Quebec region."

CMA CEO Marilynn Bastedo echoed the remarks of Mr. Depont and stated, "we are extremely pleased that the FQMHR Directors have decided to work with us. We look forward to the next steps which will include the development of new programmes and the expansion of those already in existence. Our colleagues in Quebec will bring an important perspective to the process".


NEWS Feb 2nd 2012

Applications are now open for the 2012 ISDE -

Must be completed and returned by Feb. 15th

Aug 25 & 26 Canadian Motocross Championship announced at Agassiz B.C.

Class change and addition in motocross for 2012.

A Pro class has be added to the existing classes.

Classes for 2012 are:

Pro. (required for AMA Pro or FIM events MX)



Novice (Beginner)

Above three classes are Amateur classes)

Agassiz Motocross Schools:

Beginner. Mar 31 85cc/ MX1/ MX2

Racers. 85cc/ MX1/ MX2 

50cc / 65cc May 12

Students must register for schools.

Note: Snell M2010 certification or ECE 22-05 (P, NP, or J) is required for competition in 2012.

Please check for important head injury information included in 2012 licence rider package



The 66th annual Motocross of Nations takes place in Lommel, Belgium, September 30, 2012. Canada will field a Team at this prestigious event.

Team Canada MX main goal is to provide funds for the travel expenses of the Riders and Mechanics as well as the cost of transporting their Motorcycles and Canada's pit presence. The riders and their mechanics participate in the event and represent Canada with no remuneration.

Team Canada MX also offers help to other Canadian riders participating in International Events such as the FIM World Junior Championship, which will be held in Sevlievo, Bulgaria, August 12, 2012.

TEAM CANADA PATRONS - Patrons of Team Canada provide the major portion of our funding and insure our success. Patrons pledge $3,000 to $5,000 toward Team Canada MX's effort to assist Canadian Riders. They raise this money through donations as well as fundraisers and T shirt sales. Team Canada Patrons receive 50 of our current year T shirts recognizing them as Supporters of Team Canada. They also receive a special certifcate with an autographed Team Picture from the current years Team.

THE 300 - Our Team Canada MX 300 Member program is our key fundraising effort for Motocross Enthusiasts. Individuals and business that contribute a minimum $100 to the Team will become a member of The 300. As a 300 club they will receive 2 current Team Canada MX T shirts and a commemorative poster (issued every 5 years, our current poster is from 2004 thru 2008). Team Canada MX members will also receive a Team Picture of the current years team.

TEAM CANADA SUPPORTERS - Clubs, Tracks, Dealers and various Associations across Canada who donate a minimum of $500 are recognized with a special certifcate and Team Picture. They also receive 2 T shirts for each $100 donated. Clubs either supply a donation or the proceeds of an MXON fundraiser they promote.

Payments can be made by credit card or cheque made out to MXON Fund and mailed to Team Canada MX, 622794 Motopark Rd., Chatsworth, Ontario, N0H 1G0. For credit card payments call Motopark at 519 794-2434 or email

Please note: Donations to Team Canada Motocross, Trials, ISDE and Junior motocross may also be forwarded to CMA Head Office at any time. All donations go directly into Team Canada fund.

Please identify chosen Team for donation or donation can be spread over all 2012 Team Canada teams for 2012.