Machinery Definitions

(l) Class Definitions - Youth 50cc (50cc single speed automatic, maximum wheel size 12".) Multi-speed machines with automatic clutch also permitted. Shift lever must be removed.
- Youth 65cc (maximum wheel size 15") Also permitted 80cc air cooled 2 strokes, maximum wheel size 15", and 80cc air cooled 4 strokes, maximum wheel size 16". Lower limit 55cc.
- Youth 85cc (wheel size maximum 17") Also permitted, up to 125cc 4 strokes.
- SuperMini. Age 11 - 15. 80-112cc 2 strokes / 75cc - 150cc 4 strokes. Includes big wheel models.

Youth 2 stroke: Age 11yrs - 16yrs. 99cc - 144cc 2 stroke

Sports Class: Nov/Int/Expert classification. MX1, MX2 or MX3 machines.

- MX 1 (over 175cc up to 250cc 2 strokes/over 290cc up to 450cc 4 strokes)
- MX 2 (over 100cc up to 144cc 2 strokes/over 175cc up to 250cc 4 strokes)
- MX 3 (over 290cc up to 500cc 2 strokes/over 475cc up to 650cc 4 strokes)

(ii) The MX1 and MX3 classes may be combined with 1 set of results where numbers do not justify separate competitions

(iii) Super Veteran, Veteran, Plus 30 and Women's class participants will be issued a rider classification of Novice, Intermediate or Expert for the purpose of designating where they may participate if their class is not included in the programme or as an extra class.

(iv) Where numbers warrant, classes may be divided into groups (A-B-C etc). All groups, other than A, are progressive and riders may be moved during the year based on points earned. No Regional or National Champions will be declared in progressive classes.