Welcome to the Alberta Quad Racers home page!

 This web site was incredibly out of date since I don't race any more, so I took down all of the old stuff like the results & schedule, but I kept the Photos  for old times sake! So you guys in the pics can show them to your kids.

  For anyone finding this page on Google, you are probably looking for info to get into racing, so here it is:

1) You will need a tether kill switch installed, nerf bars, and of course full protective gear including MX boots and long sleeve jersey to compete. Some 18" rear tires, wider axle, and sag shocks also highly recommended.

2) You need a CMRC racing license to race Motocross, so go get that at the Alberta Dirt Riders site. They also have a schedule of races there, and contact info of the awesome people in charge of it all.

3) To race in X-Country or Hare Scrambles, you might have to head down south into the USA for that kind of thing, or race a 2-wheeler. It was pretty short lived in Alberta but the people who used to run that were the wonderful Rhonda and Siggi over at The Second Gear Club. You can e-mail them to see if anything is happening but I don't think it is.

4) For ice racing, I don't know if it is still going on or not, but check with The Second Gear Club again since they were the ones running it.

5) For other Alberta clubs into fun stuff: (E-mail me if you want your club added)

         ATV Triple Crown - The Alberta MX CMRC series

        Lethbridge Motorcycle Club - Has ATV info for the Western Canadian Amateur Nationals at Temple Hill MX track in Raymond, AB

         Outlaw ATV Club - They are into the "Numb Bum" and Rallies

Contact me:   Rod Chandler   Rod@Qrab.ca