Images from the Red Sea, South of France, Spain, Caribbean, Philippines, and Canada.

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Whale Hunt in Bequia

The Island of Bequia, part of St.Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, is one of the few places in the world where whaling is allowed by the International Whaling Commission. Bequia locals can catch a small number of humpback whales per year using only traditional hunting methods of hand-thrown harpoons in small, open sailboats.

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Underwater Photography Tutorial

Underwater photography is somewhat more challenging than taking pictures above water for several reasons: a) you, the fish, and the water are usually all moving to some degree b) light is absorbed as you go deeper underwater so you nearly always need a flash for your pictures c) you need to use special camera equipment to keep the water out. However, most of the "rules" of photography still apply underwater, and you still need to think about composition, exposure, and lighting, etc just like any other type of photography.

Still interested in Underwater Photography? See the underwater photography tutorial, which introduces you to the fundamentals of how to take pictures underwater.

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