*Breeze & Tag puppies are here, born April 5, 2007*


Photo courtesy of Nancy Gaffney.




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Welcome to Rafter MT farm (MT stands for Marilyn and Tim) located near Aldergrove, B.C., Canada. We obtained our first Aussie in 1990, and the second in 1994; Tim trained and WTCHed both. Marilyn is involved in obedience trialing.... we were hooked on Aussies. 

Our Aussies are family members who help us work on our farm with Border Cheviot sheep and crossbred market lambs. We very infrequently produce pups (usually just when we want a new working dog ourselves). When this happens, we look for working homes and good stable homes for pups. 

Our goal is to produce genetically healthy dogs with strong livestock-working potential. The proof of this livestock-working potential is in working ability demonstrated by actual performance. 

We recognize that such ability demands a combination of good structure, agility, stamina, working instinct, a biddability, trainability and temperament; and that full expression of these abilities requires good training. We also realize the need for a good sound temperament in the dogs' everyday life.

For more information on our dogs, or availability of puppies please contact us.

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Marilyn & Tim Ballard.





Justus Red Hurricane ATDsdOTDc (1 leg adv. cattle) CDX DNA-VP
Dark red-bi with minimal white, 19", 43#, DOB Aug 12, 1999

OFA: hips excellent, elbows normal; CERF clear Oct/06 MDR1 tested Normal/Normal

Breeze has an excellent natural balance when working. She tends to be careful and usually wide working her stock, closing in only when necessary to make them move. She will low heel when needed, but also controls heads well. Whether she is working livestock, participating in other performance sports, or just everyday life she thinks about and analyzes each new situation. Day or night she is my loyal, constant companion who loves to "help" me.

Photos courtesy of Nancy Gaffney.


Photos courtesy of Jeff Jaquish.






Rafter MT Zorra STDsd

Rafter MT Zorra STDsd

Red merle CW, 18", 40 lbs.

DOB: February 1, 2004

OFA: Hips excellent, elbows normal CERF: cleared 2006

MDR1 tested Normal/Normal

Zorra is extremely athletic and very quick in maintaining control of her stock. She is quite willing to work wide, but will also get close. Like her mother (Breeze) she has an excellent natural balance, will low heel and controls heads well. She does not need micromanagement when penning. She has lots of talent and want-to-please. She works sheep and ducks daily on our farm.



Photos courtesy of Jeff Jaquish.


Puppies born April 5, 2007

5 males; 3 black bi & 2 red bi

2 females; 1 black bi & 1 red bi

"Back to the Future" or Preserving the Working Past for the Future

Looking at ASCA yearbooks (1957-77 & 1978-82), seeing old film/tapes from dogs in the past, plus hearing anecdotes from the early days, one sees quiet a variety of Aussies, both structure-wise and work-wise. As we move into the future and as health and work issues surface, we need to save some to the rich genetic variety of the past. It may become useful, maybe even critical to a future healthy Aussie gene pool. Some lines that are not the current "in" dogs will be lost if we are not vigilant in maintaining and keeping those gene pools available in the form of pups or sperm banks. A healthy gene pool includes genetic variation. One cannot inbreed/linebreed forever, no matter how talented or perfect our dogs seem to be. I think of this as a version of "back to the future".

With the goal of conserving an underused working gene pool, Maureen Elgert and I have made this breeding:

MRE Jus Taggin Along STDs DNA-CP "Tag"


Justus Red Hurricane ATDsd OTDc CDX DNA-VP "Breeze"





Photo courtesy of Pam Arlitt.




"Tag" is always happy. He does well with dogs, people and their kids. Tag stands out as a thinking dog, with everyday life plus when he is working. He was born that way, always seeming to be mature for his age. He grew up and works on a North Country Cheviot Sheep farm. Occasionally he gets to work cattle on nearby ranches. He likes both heads and heels. His first trial in July 2006, he came away with the Most Promising Started Aussie award, entering in all 3 ASCA stock venues. His dam's pedigree, in particular, goes back into old Aussie bloodlines not often seen these days. To enable one to this back ground please see the eight generation pedigree of the litter.




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"Breeze" Pups from Previous Litters



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Photo courtesy of Jen Ballard.

Border Cheviot Sheep

In Loving Memory

"Pepper", WTCH Donegals Certainly Sweet CDX.



"Pilgrim", WTCH Spring Fevers Macon Progress CD.