So You Want A Pet Rabbit

Each and every year hundreds of pet rabbits become the dreaded “unwanted pet”. They are then sent to animal shelters, abandoned at local parks, euthanized or just given away. The main reason for this is that the owners were unprepared and not fully aware as to the work and time involved in caring for a pet rabbit. A rabbit can become so much more if it is allowed time to run outside of its cage and interact with its human family.

It is my hopes that by reading this, more people will make educated decisions and bring bunny home because they want a pet rabbit and not some cute fluffy thing that attracted their attention.

Ask Yourself...

  • Are there other pets in the house?

  • Do I have time for a new pet?

  • How much space is required?

  • Is this for you or your child?

  • Do you or your family have allergies?

  • What costs are involved?

  • What supplies are needed?

  • How do I care for a rabbit?

Did You Know?

  • Rabbits can be trained to use a litter box.

  • Rabbits can live up to 15 years.

  • Rabbits need 2-4 hours run time a day.

  • Bunnies can grow up to weigh over 20lbs.

  • Rabbits can be quite aggressive.

  • A single litter could have up to 26 kits.

  • Even the best litter-trained rabbit can leave droppings around the house.

Never Buy On Impulse!

If you are still considering a rabbit as a new pet, I encourage you to read the other articles throughout this website. You will find useful information on topics such as feeding, housing and care. If you have a child, please pay particular attention to the “Pre-Adoption” page as there is a section on “Rabbits & Children”. In addition there are links to other useful articles and websites that you can peruse at your leisure.